I thought I was over this flu – yuk bug. But, apparently not. Yesterday afternoon I felt it coming back on. It started with a few body aches. Then it moved into a sore throat that grew worse as the afternoon developed. I was wiped out by the moment I got home. A quick dinner and I was out.

I overslept this morning by forty-five minutes. I was late to work by thirty minutes. I’m feeling somewhat better this morning. Hopefully this Yuk bug will quickly fly away.

Several people in the office have this Bug. Some even stayed home for a few days. I wanted to stay home today. While I was wrestling with my left brain about staying home, all I could see is my dad whipping me into submission saying “get up and get to work – you are not as sick as you feel”.

That has been my driving force for my entire working career. Only a few times have I stayed home due to illness since 1986 when I entered the work force after college.

And, so, I made it to work today. I was late but still made it in. Of course, I left my DayQuil at home. So, I’ll need to run to the store to buy some more to make it through the day.

And, of course, I’ll need to skip the walking workouts today. I’ll skip the lunch time walk and most likely the evening walk. I don’t have the energy.

My calories for yesterday, March 21, 2017 were 1,071. Typical Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch. Typical chopped salad and chicken for dinner. I didn’t have the energy to eat more after the salad. I was asleep shortly afterwards.

Fortunately, I was able to walk my typical five miles yesterday. There was a three mile walk in the morning before work and a two mile walk at lunch. I felt great after the morning walk. Although the lunch time walk was somewhat windy and cold. I started feeling ill after that walk. Maybe I ruffled the Yuk’s feathers.


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