A Little Sad

I am little sad today. Just a mild sadness. Thankfully. I don’t believe it is depression. I’ve been depressed and I fight depression almost every day. But now, I just feel sad. There is a difference between sadness and depression. But, hopefully,  this sadness will not evolve into a depression. It could. It has before. But, I’m working hard to avoid that.

I am sad because my ex-wife is upset with me. Isn’t that strange? My ex-wife is upset with me and I’m sad.

A mutual friend was slapped around and beaten by her boyfriend last week. She left him. She called me as a last resort. She stayed on the couch for a night. She wanted to rent the spare bedroom for a short time to reset. I agreed.

My ex-wife was not happy. She and our mutual friend had a falling out some years ago.

What was I suppose to do? Leave her on the street? Let her go somewhere else? At least in my home there is the peace, quiet and safety she needs.

I’ve been divorced for almost 2½ years but sorely miss ex-wife. We keep a good relationship even though we are divorced. I’m friends with her new love. I help them when they need help. I try to do what I can to support her and help her when needed.

But I still feel sad when I disappoint her.


171.2. There was only a loss of 0.6 pounds. This is well below the weekly average loss of 2.9 pounds. My total weight loss since January 1, 2017 is 28.6 pounds. My average weekly weight loss has fallen to 2.6 pounds.

So what happen?

I can think of a few things.

  • I had the flu for most of the week. It crept up last Monday (3/13) and lingered until Saturday (3/18). I dosed on DayQuil and NyQuil all week to get to work and stay at work.
  • My exercise was way down at only 17 miles of walking. Although I did manage to work through two C25K workouts.
  • I drank gallons of Diet Mountain Dew through the week. My water consumption was way down.
  • Had a generous serving of ice cream on Friday, on St. Patrick’s Day, which was my high calorie day for the week at 2,340 calories, which was 730 calories over my daily target of 1,610. Also, on that day, I had a healthy (?) Mac Daddy Burger from Between the Bun.

My total calories for the week was 10,275. That is a daily average of 1,467 calories. So, my calories were not whacked out in general. Just Friday’s calories were.

So, exercise is down, Diet Mountain Dew consumption is up. Weight loss is lower than normal. Not my best week but it’s my reality.

However, there are a few victories …

  • I was able to comfortably tighten the belt to the fifth notch.
  • I completed the Second Week Day 1 workout of the C25K program.
  • Only had one bottle of beer during the week.
  • Worked in the yard on a beautiful Sunday (3/19) afternoon

Hopefully the weight loss number will be better next week.

New Spring

This is the first day of Spring. Hopefully the new season will bring new hope and new sunshine.

Wishing everyone a happy Spring.





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