Feeling Better

I’m feeling better, thankfully. Last night I went to bed the moment I got home from work. I slept about 11 hours. Hopefully, the worst is over.

This is the second flu that I’ve had this year. The first was at the New Year and extended into the first week of the year. These two flu experiences were about 10 weeks apart.

Since I was not feeling well yesterday, I didn’t work out at all. So, my exercise calories was zero for the day. My eating calories for the day were normal, about 1,396.

Am I Losing Weight Too Fast

Someone said that maybe my immune system is weak because I am restricting calories and exercising too much. Is that possible? Exercise too much and eat too little?

I know it can happen. But, in my case, I believe I just picked up some kind of virus from someone or somewhere. And, maybe the weather has something to do with it as it has been warm and then cold and warm again. And, the latest cold snap was really cold with ambient temperatures in the high teens.

They also said that I’m losing weight too fast. Really? Can you lose weight too fast? How about not fast enough?

Currently, my average weekly weight loss is about 2.8 pounds. I’ve read the medical web sites that say a 1-2 pound loss is healthy and sustainable. Some sites extend the range to 1-3 pounds. So, I believe I’m ok with the 2.8 pounds a week. It might be on the high end of the range.

Other than this flu, I’m feeling great. I seem to have more energy (mental and physical) than I did before. I’ve cut back the amount of beer that I’m drinking since I count calories and beer has a lot of calories.

My blood pressure is way down. It hovered about 140/110 before. Now, it hovers below 120/80 on average.

They brought up the “S” word … starvation. They implied that I was starving myself.

I don’t believe so. I usually eat on a schedule. But I do eat. I’m not afraid to eat. I just want to eat less. And, I don’t restrict any kind of food. I’ve had beer, ice cream, cake, nuts, burgers, hot dogs, brats, salad, cheese, soft drinks and the list goes on. Seems like a normal diet to me.

And, I’m not a gym rat. Although I would like to be. In fact, I would like to get into strength training more seriously than I am. I might walk a lot (30 miles last week). But that is not unusual. Some people walk more. Some people walk across the United States.


Spring is on the schedule for Monday, March 20, 2017 at 6:29 A.M. EDT. Not a bad way to start a Monday.

Non Scale Victory

I have moved to the fifth and final notch on the belt. I was on the second notch when I started this weight loss effort on January 1, 2017. This means that I’ve lost an inch or two around my waist. Woo-Yoo !!

What will I do when the fifth notch become too loose? I believe I will poke a new, sixth hole in the belt. No need to buy a new belt. The one I have is a good leather belt. It can take a new hole.

Wishing everyone a great day, great weekend and a great Spring.

1 thought on “Feeling Better

  1. You are NOT losing weight too fast! Don’t listen to the doubters! You are losing at a perfect pace to turn this “diet” into a true lifestyle change. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

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