The Way I Roll

The topic of office conversation this morning is ‘left lane drivers’. And, of course, the conclusion, or condemnation, is that people who drive slower in the left lane are idiots, reckless and endanger the lives of those who drive faster in the left lane.

Like most people, I’ve driven my share of interstates. But, I’m the conservative driver that uses the posted speed limit as a measure of safety and thus keep my speed near that limit and usually under. So, I usually drive in the right lane.

At times, and as rare as they are, I need to pass a slower car or truck. So, I change to the left lane and pass the slower vehicle. Yet, I don’t speed up to do so. I stay at or near the speed limit.

It’s just the way I roll.

Oh, the criticism and condemnation.

Before I attempt to pass a slower driver I wait until the left land is clear as far as the eye can see, usually miles behind. This allows ample time to make the lane change and pass the slower vehicle.

Inevitable, while making the passing maneuver in the left land, a faster car, usually a truck or SUV, emerges from nowhere and rides my tail until I pass the slower car and the change back to the right lane. Then, I always hear the explosion of acceleration exhaust as the faster vehicle surges past, as though the driver is chastising me for being in the left lane and slowing him or her down.

When I voice my belief that left lane drivers use their speed and massive late modeled vehicles to bully slower drivers in small older cars, I’m usually assaulted with criticism and condemnation and advice to ‘just’ stay off the streets since I don’t know how to drive

Isn’t excessive speed the root cause of most accidents? Of course not, they say. It’s driver error. Usually the slower driver’s error.

Calories for Wednesday March 15, 2017

I wasn’t feeling all that great yesterday. I was so very cold no matter what I did to stay warm. It didn’t help that there was a 90 minute meeting in the shop where it is not heated well. Sitting in a cold metal chair did not help keep me warm.

I had my usual Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was a chopped salad and chunk chicken. After dinner I went immediately to sleep, so there was no bed time snack. So, I needed the day at 1,176 calories. That is 434 calories below the daily target of 1,610 calories.

Do you starve a cold and feed a flu? I’m not sure what I have, if anything. Maybe it is just in my head?

Exercise for Wednesday March 15, 2017

I did get out of bed and walk in the early morning. 60 minutes in the snow, the little there was. A wonderful walk. But, I wonder if it was why I started to feel dragged down and ragged. I started to feel as such immediately after the walk. So, the three miles in the morning is all that I mustered up for the day as exercise. There wasn’t a typical lunch period yesterday to get in a two mile lunch walk, as I was sitting in a metal chair on the cold shop floor.

Total miles for this week so far : 13.

I probably won’t add any miles to the tally today.

Total exercise calories for March 15, 2017 was 257,

I’m taking DayQuil to give myself a boost to make it through the day. Hopefully that will help until I get home and able to go back to bed. Chasing it with Diet Mountain Dew.

Not sure if this is the best idea ... but Diet Mountain Dew and DayQuil to help me through the day. Photo taken with the macro setting of the Camera+ app on the iPhone 7.

Not sure if this is the best idea … Diet Mountain Dew and DayQuil to help me through the day since I’m not feeling all that great. Photo taken with the macro setting of the Camera+ app on the iPhone 7.

Wishing everyone a great, illness free day !!

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