Cold Morning

This morning, the air temperature was 19°F. Sort of frigid. I walked out of the house at 5:05 am for a 60 minute walk around the neighborhood. There was a light dusting of snow on the streets. It was a good walk, although a bit tiring.

It is March 15 and there is snow on the ground. And, it is frigid cold. I suppose that isn’t unusual as it is still the Winter season. Usually, I like the snow, and the cold. But lately, the cold has really eaten though to my bones. I don’t know if it is because I’ve lost about 28 pounds. So, there’s not as much fat to insulate my bones.

About three weeks ago I was commenting on how warm the February weather was. And, I was believing the February warmth would extend into March. But, it hasn’t been so.

With this weight loss, maybe I need to buy some long underwear to stay warm in this cold snap. If, in fact, my bones are chilled because of the loss of fat.


For Tuesday March 14, 2017 my total calories were 1,356. That is 254 below my 1,610 daily target. It was normal eating, a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch. A chopped salad with chunk chicken for dinner. And two yogurts for a bed time snack. I was actually stuffed after finishing the first yogurt but my ego said to eat the second. I went to bed with a full tummy.


For Tuesday March 14, 2017 my total exercise was 110 minutes for 471 calories. I walked two miles (40 minutes) during lunch. In the evening, I walked 70 minutes for about four miles. During the evening session I worked through the Week 1 Day 3 workout. Since I was outside and exercising on the street, the C25K app kept my time and pace. It said I finished the 1.9 mile trek at a 16:46 pace. Kind of slow. But, for this moment in my life, I’m satisfied with a 16:46 pace. The pace can only get better as I work through the program.

In my former life, I used to be all about the distance and pace. I needed to go faster and farther with each workout. However, now, I am just happy to be running again, or at least be working through the program again. Hopefully, I will maintain the running program and build distance beyond the 5K. However, right now, I’m happy to be running again.

Footprints in the snow ... photo taken at 5:45 am on March 15, 2017.

Footprints in the snow … photo taken at 5:45 am on March 15, 2017. The over exposed area in the upper regions of the photo is the flood of a street lamp.

Blood Pressure

This morning, the blood pressure was 110/72 with a resting heart rate of 61.

Wishing everyone a great day !

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