Mall Walking

Winter has taken hold of Central Indiana. Yesterday, during lunch, there was a rain/snow mix. That made it impossible to get in my two mile walk lunch time walk. I suppose I could have walked in the rain and snow, but I elected not to, since I did not want to sit in an office chair the remainder of the day in wet khakis.

So, I went to the mall.

The Simon Mall in Greenwood, Indiana is a huge complex. There must be a hundred stores (but I’ve haven’t counted). This mall is enclosed, so it protects the shopper from the elements. And, in my case, a lunch time walker from the elements.

It was important to get in some sort of exercise during my lunch break. So, walking inside the mall seemed the best alternative to walking outside in the rain or snow. I walked for 35 minutes. I probably covered about a 1¾.

I haven’t been inside that mall in a very long time. However, in the past, I’ve spent my share of time and money at that mall. I found it interesting to walk past stores that my wife (ex) shopped at frequently. I also found it interesting there were many young mothers pushing baby strollers and older couples walking hand in hand. I did find it refreshing to walking inside the mall and walk out without spending any money.

Calories on Monday March 13, 2017

I concluded the day with 1,241 calories. I had a Slim Fast for breakfast. I skipped the Slim Fast for lunch because I was rushing to and from the mall in the limited time I have for lunch. I had a salad with chunk chicken for dinner. I finished the day with two yogurts.

Exercise on Monday March 13, 2017

At the mall, I walked for 35 minutes and probably covered 1¾ miles. In the evening, I walked around the neighborhood for 65 minutes for probably 3¼ miles. So, in total, I got in at least 5 miles, or 100 minutes of walking.

Wishing every a great day !!

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