Daylight Savings

I do not understand Daylight Savings. I do not understand why, after months of dark and cold morning commutes, and finally able to watch a sunrise and Spring approaches, only to have the time magically leap forward an hour to push the sunrise even later.

After daylight savings springs forward on Sunday (3/12) it will be mid April before I see a sunrise on the morning commute. Although I enjoy the extra hour of sunlight in the evenings because I can get more done outside the house, I also enjoy watching the sun rise in the mornings as I drive to work.

My ex-wife loved to go to the drive-in movies. However, in 2006, when daylight savings became the law in Indiana, our evenings spent at the drive-in were over. Daylight savings pushed the sunset after 9:00 pm for most of the summer. It was very hard for me, who needs to leave the house by 7:00 am and spend the day working to make a living for the family, to stay up till almost 10:00 pm waiting for a drive-in movie to start. Movies would end after midnight. The drive home would push bedtime even later. The wife and kids didn’t mind because they could sleep all morning. But I couldn’t sleep in as I would need to leave the house by 7:00 am to get my ass to work.

Calories for Thursday March 9, 2017

Hopefully, daylight savings won’t interfere with my calorie counting. Yesterday, March 9, my total calorie expenditure was 1,518. That is 92 calories below the target of 1,610 calories.  I had the usual Slim Fast shake for breakfast. I had a small salad over a ‘lunch meeting’. And, I had a larger salad for dinner at TGIF with the kids. It was a good eating day.

Exercise for Thursday March 9, 2017

I was able to exercise in the morning by walking for 60 minutes, which is about 3 miles for me. I did not get in my two mile lunch time walk since there was a ‘meeting’ during lunch. So, my exercise calories were only 261 for the day.

On a positive note, I was able to get in a three mile walk this morning (Friday, March 10) as I got up at 4:40 am and started walking by 5:00 am. This makes for the third day in a row that I’ve walked in the morning. Woo-Hoo !


Wishing everyone a great day and a great weekend.


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