A Better Day in Regards to Calories

Monday, March 6, was a better day. I kept my calories to 1,326 for the day. And, I didn’t drink any beer. I was 284 calories below my 1,610 target. I was able to get in 5 miles of walking for 436 calories. I didn’t cash in the exercise calories.

I had the usual Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch. I had a chunk chicken chopped salad for dinner and a Yoplait yogurt for a snack.

Need to Tighten the Belt

As I tighten my calorie belt I also need to tighten my financial belt. I try to pay cash for my daily needs such as groceries, eating out, books, gas, clothes and the countless other things any person needs on a daily basis. But the water heater was an unexpected expense. In addition to the water heater, I recently loaned out some money. Those two expenses have caused my comfort dollar balance to sink into the red zone.

Other than taking people out to eat, I lead a relativity frugal life. I don’t have many vices. Although at one point in my life I drank too much. And, other than the drinking over this past weekend, I don’t spend much money on beer. Whereas, before January 1, 2017, I commonly spent $50+ a week on beer. Even my food expense (other than the eating out with friends and family) has dropped since I only drink Slim Fast and water, and eat chunk chicken salad at home and yogurt.

However, I do have some expenses that could be considered frivolous. I do buy paint and other home improvement stuff on a regular basis. This includes furring strips that I use in my canvas stretcher frames, wood glue, screws, clamps. I don’t know if I can stop doing that as it is one of the few things that I sincerely enjoy. But, I could scale back.

So, I will need to outline a better spending plan. But some of things I can do immediately are

  • Delay the purchase of the Nikon A-900 camera.
  • Delay the purchase of the Garmin or Fitbit.
  • Cancel the subscription to the Apple music service.
  • Cancel the cable tv. I only have basic cable package that offers only the local channels. But, according to some people, I can get more local channels from the air than I can from cable.
  • Don’t loan out any more money.
  • Instead of doubling up on the kid’s student loans, maybe I will just pay the minimum for a while.
  • Stop buying books on Amazon until I’ve read all the books I’ve already bought.

Thankfully, I’m current on all the my loan and utility payments. Hopefully I won’t have any major car expenses in the near future. In 2016, there was about $2,000 in car repair and maintenance expenses. I drive a 2000 Honda Civic, I hear they last forever, so there is no need for a new car in the near future. Although, I can still dream.

It will take a while to climb out of the red zone as I have several large expenses (property taxes and auto and home insurance) coming up later this month and in April. I really should start saving money each month for these expenses as they are rather large one-time payments.

Blood Pressure

The blood pressure was high this morning at 123/77 with a resting heart rate of 62. Maybe I was tense because of the money issues … maybe

Random Photo

Hopefully the sky from today’s lunch time two mile walk is not an indicator of things to come. There has been a lot of rain and storms tracking through central Indiana. It is supposed to dip into the 30’s with possibility of snow this weekend. Winter still has a grip.

Storm clouds over Freedom Park, Greenwood Indiana. Photo taken about 11:50 am. View is looking southwest. The Water Springs water park is in the foreground.

Storm clouds over Freedom Park, Greenwood Indiana. Photo taken about 11:50 am. View is looking southwest. The Water Springs water park is in the foreground.

Wishing everyone a great day.


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