Difficult Weekend


Another blessing of a 1.2 pound weight loss. This weekend was a trial to endure so I’m surprised there was a weight loss. I must have had some weight loss early in the week because I know I added some weight over the weekend with my eating and drinking.

This 1.2 pound weight loss is not enough to reach my 25 pound mini goal. It is just shy of the goal by .1 pound. My starting weight was 199.8 and my current weight is 174.9. 199.8 – 174.9 = 24.9.

Bummer. I’ll need to wait until next week to hopefully obtain the 25 pound goal.

It does, however, add to my March goal of losing 6 pounds. So, I have 4.8 pounds to lose for this month to reach this goal.

Calories For The Week of February 27 – March 5, 2017

  • Monday 2/27 : 1,513
  • Tuesday 2/28 : 1,161
  • Wednesday 3/1 : 1,356
  • Thursday 3/2 : 1,440
  • Friday 3/3 : 1,789
  • Saturday 3/4 : 2,430
  • Sunday 3/5 : 1,585

Total calories for the week : 11,274. Average per day : 1,610.  This is unbelievable … the daily average for this week is 1,610, which is my daily target. Totally cool.

I tracked everything. Even the beer drinking over the weekend. Two days exceeding my daily target with Saturday’s 820 calories over. That may be the highest over-target calories yet this year.

Most of the week was normal as I stayed under the daily target.

Weekend Beer Drinking

  • Friday, 1 bottle of IPA.
  • Saturday, 4 bottles of IPA.
  • Sunday, 2 bottles of IPA.

So, the total beer count so far this month (and it’s only the first week of the month) is 7 bottles. This (I believe) exceeds February and January.

I don’t want to drink like this again. I went to bed late on Saturday night after drinking the four IPAs. I felt awful, sick. Not only physically did I feel awful but mentally as well. I started with the one IPA and it was great. However, I let myself slip into a second and a third and then a fourth before I stopped. The mental anguish is almost over whelming.

I slept late on Sunday morning. I woke up feeling a little hung over. I haven’t done this since the new year. It reminds me of all the Sunday mornings I’ve spent like this since Nikki left. I’ve worked hard to over come this and don’t want to slip back into that kind of life.

Exercise for the Week

I exercise 5 days during the week. I was able to get in 22 miles.

During the work week, I usually can walk two miles during lunch and three miles after work. That 5 hour break between lunch and the end of the work day recharges the walking batteries for another 3 miles in the evening.

Saturday, however, was a different game. I walked 5 miles straight, no break. Over 100 minutes of walking. By the time I was finished the fifth mile, I was ready to be finished.

An Expensive Weekend

I replaced the water heater on Saturday (3/4) morning. It was an expensive effort. The water heater itself was $419 (tax included). The rental van to ‘deliver’ the water heater was $52 from the local Uhaul store. Plus the $10 of gas to fill up the rental van. So, it was about $482 effort for a new water heater.

I did the install myself, so there was no labor charge. Hopefully, I saved some money in that regard. And, it was nice to finally have a hot shower.

Before I returned the van to the Uhaul store, I did a quick measure of the cargo area. It is 8′ in length, about 5′ in width and about 4.5′ in height. It would make a great van dwelling van!

The rental van I used to 'deliver' the new water heater. It was a Ford Transist 250. And, it would make a great Van Dwelling conversion van.

The rental van I used to ‘deliver’ the new water heater. It was a Ford Transit 250. And, it would make a great Van Dwelling conversion van.

Wishing every a great day and a great week!

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