To The Edge of the Caloric Universe

My calories for the day (Monday, February 27) was 1,513. Which is 97 calories below my target of 1,610. I was cutting it close to the edge. My exercise afforded an additional 438 calories but I didn’t (and usually don’t) take advantage of those calories.

For breakfast and lunch, I had the usual Slim Fast shake. For dinner, I had the usual chunk chicken chopped salad and the usual Yoplait yogurt for a bed time snack.

However, I did celebrate last week’s weight loss with beer.

Should I choose the Zombie Dust or the Space Dust?

Should I choose the Zombie Dust or the Space Dust?

Should I choose the Zombie Dust or the Space Dust. The Zombie Dust bottle has 197 calories whereas the Space Dust has 247 calories.

I selected the Space Dust. I had not enjoyed the Space Dust before and wanted to try it. However, it was almost too hoppy for my taste (if that is possible). I’ll need another bottle to adequately judge the taste. I’m not sure it was worth 247 calories when the Zombie Dust has 50 fewer calories.

Even so, the Space Dust pushed me almost to the edge of my caloric universe. Thankfully, I didn’t fall over as I stopped at one bottle of the 247 calories.

Blood Pressure

This morning I saw the lowest blood pressure reading I’ve seen in a very, very long time and maybe since my teenage years … 109/68 with a resting heart rate of 66. I don’t believe that I’ve seen that low of a number since I weight lifted in high school. Maybe my blood pressure was lower because I was young and weight lifting? And now, because I’m old and don’t lift weights the number is high? Maybe. But, I do know that it has always been high during my adult years.

I recall this one episode in my teenage years that involved my blood pressure. I must have been 18 years old and had lost a significant amount of weight and was actually thin during my senior year. I lifted weights at the local YMCA almost everyday and eat a low carb diet to lose the weight.

This was in the 1981 or so. Anyways, my grandparents had one of those blood pressure monitors not too dissimilar to what I have now. I recall that my dad took his reading and it was high, as did my mom and grandparents. Even my brother’s reading was high. When it was my turn, dad mocked me saying that my pressure would be sky high because all I did for exercise was weight lifting. He was not a fan of bodybuilding or weigh lifting. However, my reading was low enough that he didn’t even make a comment. I said, out loud, that weight lifting is the ticket to low blood pressure. I was probably too proud of myself at that moment.

Hopefully my blood pressure will go even lower.

Thank You

Thank you for everyone’s concern for my mom, who had a stroke last weekend. She was released from the hospital today. Her vision is slowly returning to normal. She has a long road to recovery but everyone seems certain she will make a full recovery.

Wishing Everyone a Great Day !!


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