To Begin the Week

176.1. Yay, I was blessed with weight loss this week. My eating was bad enough on Sunday (2/26) that I expected a mega gain. Instead, a loss. A true blessing. The total weight loss so far is 23.7 pounds since January 1, 2017. I have been at this effort for 8 weeks so my average is 2.96 pounds a week.

I’m glad to begin this fresh week. Things were a bit scrambled over this past weekend and I felt and sort of gave into a minor binge Sunday evening. This new and fresh week is opportunity to reset and regroup.

In past weight loss efforts I’ve floundered after about 8 weeks into the program. It’s time to strengthen resolve and effort to stay on track.

Sunday Dinner

I went out with my … first ex-wife … for a late lunch – early dinner on Sunday 2/26. Isn’t that strange? We remained friendly after the divorce in 1999. She married a good man and he’s fun to be around. They were in the neighborhood to drop off some stuff for our son, who still lives with me, and invited me to go with them. So cool.

We went to the Outback. I ordered the Alice Springs chicken and fries. It was so good but cost over eleven hundred calories. My eating wasn’t too good on that day with popcorn (air-popped) and handfuls of Spanish peanuts and yogurt.

I ended the day at 2,384 calories, which is 774 calories over my target of 1,610. And, there was no exercise that day to offset any calories.

That is why I feel blessed for the weight loss this week.

Calories for the week

  • Monday 2/20 : 1,200
  • Tuesday 2/21 : 1,295
  • Wednesday 2/22 : 1,160
  • Thursday 2/23 : 1,764
  • Friday 2/24 : 1,275
  • Saturday 2/25 : 1,351
  • Sunday 2/26 : 2,384

The total was 10,429 calories for the week. That averages to 1,490 a day. I was over the target on two days.

Exercise for the Week

I exercised on five days of the seven day week. I walked 25 miles for the week. On Friday 2/24 I was able to get in a C25K workout within the miles. It was the Week One Day One workout and it was enough for me. I did that workout on the treadmills at Planet Fitness, so I was able to ‘exercise’ my membership and get in a C25K work out at the same time.

Van Dwelling In the Hospital Parking Lot

My Mom had a series of small strokes on Saturday morning 2/25. She was taken to the hospital and clots were discovered after a series of MRI and CT scans. I spent most of the day on Saturday at the hospital, as did my siblings. The doctors say she will make a good recovery but the recovery will take time and there will be time spent in rehab.

While at the hospital I came upon this van. It looks like a van dweller van. There is a Honda generator mounted on the back of the van with an air conditioner in the penthouse top. The is also a Fan-Tastic fan mounted on the penthouse top as well.

Hospital parking lots are a popular safe place for van dwellers to park overnight. But this van did not move the entire weekend, so maybe it is used by a doctor, nurse or resident?

Possible Van Dweller in the hospital parking lot. Discovered on Sunday February 26, 2017.

Possible Van Dweller in the hospital parking lot. Discovered on Sunday February 26, 2017.

Wishing everyone a great week.


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