Not My Best Eating Day

Yesterday … February 23, 2017 was not my best eating day this week, so far. My calories rang up to 1,764 with no exercise.

The Friday lunch club meet yesterday, instead of today – Friday. The other members of the Lunch Club travel for their positions with the company and they are traveling today. So, we moved the Club meeting up a day so we can get in our office gossip for the week. We went to a local Mexican restaurant where I ordered an Arroz Con Pollo. I ate only have and estimated the calories at 514. It was really an order of grilled chicken with a cheese sauce.

And, it was Family Night for my family, where the kids come over for dinner and to hang out. Although I had a salad for dinner, there were fried onion rings on the table and I helped myself to a few.

Of course I tracked everything. I was 154 calories over my 1,610 target. I stopped eating once I surpassed the target with that last onion ring. Had I not been tracking I would have eaten more.

Exercise Today

I plan on getting some walking miles today. I may even try to run through a C25K workout. I intend to walk two miles during lunch and at least three miles after work. I do hear the weather is supposed to change from a high in the 60’s this morning to low’s in the 30’s this evening. So, I should get in two lunch miles in warm weather and three after work miles in cold weather. Should be interesting.

Blood Pressure

The blood pressure was high again this morning … 126/78 with a resting heart rate of 61. I’m happy about the resting heart rate … the lower the better. But, not sure why the blood pressure is higher. Although there was some anxiety creeping around my psyche this morning. Don’t know where that was coming from.

A Bonsai Tree

I know this is a strange connection … but ever since I got caught up in that Amazon site and found how easy it is to buy books to excite my bibliomania, I ‘discovered’ Bonsai and how easy it is to order a tree and have it shipped to my house.

Silly, isn’t it?

Anyways, I thought a Bonsai tree would look cute hanging out in the kitchen and so I ordered one. It came in the mail the other day.

My first Bonsai Tree ... photo taken February 23, 2017.

My first Bonsai Tree … photo taken February 23, 2017.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and even greater weekend … !

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