A Hard Day

Yesterday was a hard day. It was a good day to eat my emotions. It was a good day to crawl in bed and sleep.


I finished the day at 1,265 calories. Which is 345 calories below my 1,610 target. I had the usual Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch and the chunk chicken salad for dinner. A container of Yoplait French Vanilla yogurt ended the day.

There was no beer. Although I wanted to drink one or two maybe three. Usually, when I encounter a rough emotional day I would drink a few beers until the world became a better place. But, last night, I didn’t drink any beer. Instead, I read a book and fell asleep.


I was able to get in two miles during lunch and three miles after work. A total of 5 miles for 447 calories. The walking was great. I found it peaceful in spite of the turmoil of the day.

I’ve walked 10 miles so far this week.

Blood Pressure

Strange. Maybe? My blood pressure was 125/77 with a resting heart rate of 63. Higher than the ‘norm’ of the last few weeks. I would believe it to be higher due to yesterday’s stress. Maybe?


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