Living and Learning

Yesterday was not a good eating day. I ended the day at 1,905 calories. That is 295 calories over my target.

Thursday evening is set aside for “Family Night” where all the kids come over and we go out to eat somewhere. It is usually easy to eat something healthy and within my calorie limit if we go out to a restaurant where I can order a salad. However, last night, I was dog sitting for my ex-wife and the kids brought over their puppies as well, so it was easier for everyone to stay in and order Papa Johns pizza and bread sticks.

I tracked all the pizza and bread stick calories. That alone was 1,465 calories. That is a ‘normal’ day of calories.

And it is not as though I binged on the pizza. I had two slices of traditional crust sausage pizza, three bacon and cheese bread sticks and three traditional bread sticks. I could have eaten more.

Maybe that is a binge?

But, that is how the cookie crumbled yesterday. I’m not happy about it. Maybe pizza and bread sticks on a Family Night is be my undoing?

Although, now as I think about it, I did have a salad kit and a can of chucked chicken in the fridge. I could have eaten my normal chicken salad for dinner at a little less than 700 calories instead of the 1,465 calories of the pizza and bread sticks.

“Live and learn” as they say.


There was not much opportunity to exercise yesterday. I wasn’t able to walk my two miles at lunchtime. And, I could only squeeze a 20 minute walk after work. That walk was with the dog. I wanted to walk more but the kids were coming in as I finished the mile.

Today (Friday 2/17/17) there will be no opportunity to exercise. To many social events today.

Walking the puppy, Sam, on Thursday evening, February 16, 2017.

Walking with Sam, a golden retriever, on Thursday evening, February 16, 2017.

Wishing everyone a great day!!

5 thoughts on “Living and Learning

  1. Congratulations on tracking an unplanned ‘treat’ meal. Tracking is so important. Overindulgence happens but tracking it is the best way to handle it honestly and prepare for next time. Less than 300 calories over is not a big deal at all, but if you weigh in soon it could look like a big gain cuz refined carbs can make you retain pounds of water. I hope you enjoyed the meal without beating yourself up or questioning your commitment to your health goals. Every meal is an opportunity to act on that commitment.

    • So very true … I didn’t really beat myself up, thankfully. But I appreciate that it is, as you say, an opportunity to act on my commitment to lose weight and get healthy. Thank you!

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