Calories of Love & NYC

I made a mistake in my tracking on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. I added two Slim Fast shake mixes to my breakfast count. I did not discover the mistake until this morning (Thursday).

So, I thought I was at 1,435 for the Wednesday when in reality I was at 1,325. The Slim Fast High Protein mix has 110 calories in one scoop.

Had I known that my calories were actually lower than I believed, I would have had an extra Yoplait Whips (Orange Creme flavor) for a bed time snack last night.

At least there was some strength to stop eating as I neared the 1,610 target, even though my tracking was skewed.

Forty-Four Calories of Love

One of the ladies here at work gave me a Reese’s Valentines Heart. She gave everyone a heart so it is not like there’s ‘something’ going on between us.

I looked up the calorie content of the Heart. It has about 44 calories. I haven’t eaten it after two days. It sits on my desk and stares at me inviting me to taste its goodness.

I then became interested in the calorie content of ‘hearts’ in general. Not that I eat hearts, candy or otherwise now that I’m trying to lose weight. Nor do I eat livers or other organ meat. I didn’t eat that kind of food when I wasn’t trying to lose weight.

But, just curious for the sake of curiosity.

  • Calories in pig heart : 33 per ounce (source).
  • Calories in chicken heart : 43 per ounce (source).
  • Calories in venison heart : 31 per ounce (source).

Well, that’s enough love heart calories for now.


I gathered 496 calories of exercise for Wednesday, February 15. That equates to 5.5 miles of walking. There was the two miles of lunch time walking and the three miles of evening walking. I added a half mile to the evening walk via an adjacent trail to the primary fitness trail I’ve been walking on. I thought I would clock it to see how long it takes me to walk it. It took 10 minutes, which is about a half mile.

New York City 

I was truly inspired by this post by The Strong Chick. She wrote about canyons in terms of metaphors and reality. Her post really spoke to my heart.

I’ve had a similar metaphor swirling in my head for years. Instead of a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike as she desires and works toward, I want a New York City museum-to-museum hike.

Her goal is much more concrete and will take more effort to achieve. As she says that she needs to get in great shape to achieve her goal. In contrast, I could Uber from museum to museum and just walk into the museums. Or take the subway, bus or cab. There could be little or no walking in my goal. She, however, would have to walk every step, downhill and uphill, with a backpack of supplies to survive a hike in the Grand Canyon to achieve her goal. There is much more effort in a rim-to-rim canyon hike than a museum-to-museum hike.

Even if it involves less walking, what I really want is to do is to go to New York as a thinner man, a man who is in control of his eating, who has a normal BMI. Being thinner would make the walking from museum to museum much easier. I could walk longer, further and maybe faster. I would feel better about myself when I wasn’t following my stomach around the streets of NYC. I would look better in any selfie, too.

I’ve thought about this trip to New York City to visit the art museums for years. I’ve always said that once I lose the weight to a normal BMI then I would go. It never seemed possible in the past as my eating and weight were out-of-control. Now, however, it seems possible as I’ve finally seem to have the control to persist to a normal weight.

Let’s all cheer on the Strong Chick!

Wishing everyone a great day !!

2 thoughts on “Calories of Love & NYC

  1. Thank you so much for your super kind words about my post today. I really appreciate it and I am thankful if it inspired you. Thats my goal in sharing all my thoughts online as I take this journey.

    Everyone’s journey is different, and I think your goal sounds like a really cool one! NYC is such a cool place to be and who wants to be stuck in a cab as you go from one awesome place to the next? How can you get the “full experience” of being dwarfed by those skyscrapers if you’re thinking about how much further you have to walk, or if you can’t see the sky because you’re stuck in a cab? Really, this is a great goal, and if you can picture yourself doing it, that’s probably the most important thing…see it…then achieve it! 😁

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