Happy Valentines Day

I made it through Monday February 13, 2017. It was a typical day. Working 9+ hours, sitting at a desk programing web sites, photoshopping images, wishing for Friday night, fighting the afternoon headache, listening the three office narcissists rag about world politics, dams in California, climate change.

My calories for the day totaled 1,181. This is far below my target of 1,610. My exercise calories totaled 451, which accumulated from the five walking miles. I kept the eating in tight control with a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and dinner and a large chucked chicken, bacon and blue cheese salad for dinner.

I stopped at The Flying Cupcake to pick up Valentines cupcakes for my ex-wife and her partner and son. Instead of gift cards this year I thought cupcakes would be cute. It was somewhat difficult to resist the urge to consume a flying cupcake myself. Thankfully, I was  strong enough and delivered the box of four cupcakes to say “Happy Valentines Day”.

A Narcissist Conversion

Narcissist #2 tells the story of his neighbors. The neighbors are somewhat reclusive, polite but prefer to stay indoors and to themselves. They maintain their house and yard to make it presentable as does the other neighbors. But as Narcissist #2 says, they don’t ‘enjoy’ the outdoors and hang with the neighbors like he does. As Narcissist #2 says, over the beautiful warm weekend the parents, who have three kids, emerged from their home with a fourth bundle of joy.

Narcissist #1 says to Narcissist #2, “Two letters, B and C”.

Narcissist #1, who is a one-and-done parent, says the B & C statement (birth control) as though all families should be like his, one father, one mother and one child. This is the solution to all of societies’ woes. Less population to feed or house, cloth or care for. Remove those whose quality of life is insufficient to his own. Deny basic rights to those whose IQ is inferior to his own.

Narcissist #1, who I regard as the king of all narcissists, is non apologetic about his point-of-view. Even if he judges those, like me, who has four kids.

Wishing everyone a happy Valentines Day !!


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