A Good Day

Yesterday, February 6, 2017 was a good day on the eating and exercising fronts. I even had a good day at work.


I kept my calories to 1,536. That is 74 calories below my target of 1,610. That was kind of close to the target but at least I stayed under it. I had a Slim Fast shake for lunch and breakfast. I had a protein bar for an afternoon snack. A grilled chicken salad for dinner.

For the two-pound weight loss from last weight I celebrated by drinking a Zombie Dust. That is my first beer for February.

I could have cut 390 calories from the total if I passed on the protein bar and the beer. However, the protein bar gave me a lift during the afternoon and I really wanted the beer. At least I kept the eating in control.


I walked fives miles. And, got a C25K workout in those five miles. I walked two miles during lunch and three miles in the evening. It was the evening walk that I squeezed in the C25K workout (Week 1 Day 2). I even spent fourteen minutes on the Max Trainer. The MFP app says that I burned up 578 calories with all the exercising.

Other Things

I intended to pay some bills last night. But, the fish cage needed a cleaning. And I wanted to exercise before it started raining. So, I exercised and cleaned the fish cage. Hopefully I will pay the bills tonight. Otherwise, the bill collector will be knocking.

I also bought a pair of helper-old man glasses to use at work. I’ve been having trouble seeing the computer screen lately. The glasses actually help. They are the Foster Grants +/- 2MM + 1.50. I’m not sure what the numbers mean but at least the computer screen is sharp. I can see fine in almost every other situation. I’m baffled why I’m having trouble seeing the computer screen. Maybe it is age related?

Wishing everyone a great day !!

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