The Fifth Week

This day, February 6, 2017, I weigh 182.3 pounds.

I lost 2.3 pounds from last week and 17.5 pounds since January 1, 2017. My average per week weight loss is 3.5 pounds thus far. So, I was below the average but far beyond my intended goal of an average of 1.0 pound per week. I don’t know if the 3.5 pounds on average is a little much as I’ve read that 1 – 2 pounds a week is the best average weight loss per week. I’m certain the average will fall as time moves on.

My BMI is 29.4. So, I am considered overweight. To be considered normal for my height, I need to weigh in at 154 pounds or below. So I need to lose another 28.3 pounds.

The 5th Week Calories

  • Monday, 1/30 : 1,400
  • Tuesday, 1/31 : 1,620
  • Wednesday, 2/1 : 1,230
  • Thursday, 2/2 : 1,415
  • Friday, 2/3 : 1,570
  • Saturday, 2/4 : 1,540
  • Sunday, 2/5 : 1,142

The total was 9,917 calories for the week. The daily average was 1,417 calories. I had only one day where I ate beyond the target of 1,610 calories. There were two days that I came close but did not exceed the target.

Eating for the 5th Week

I went out to dinner three nights this week. For two of those nights I had a grilled chicken or chicken Cobb salad. On Sunday (2/5) I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. For that dinner, I had a Mexican rice and a chicken/cheese entrée. It was called Azor Chicken Polo (?) on the menu and seemed to be the least expensive in terms of calories. I did also have some chips and salsa as well. I estimated the dinner at about 1,000 calories.

When I ate dinner at home I had my usual home-made grilled chilled salad.

And, I had the usual Slim Fast shake for breakfast each day and a shake for lunch during the work week, except on Friday when I had a cashew chicken salad from Culvers for lunch.

I drank plenty of water each day and only had one beer (a Zombie Dust). That was on Monday (1/30). Maybe this evening I will have another Zombie Dust to celebrate the weight loss.


I was able to exercise every day for week #5. I walked every day and worked in a C25K workout on Monday (1/30) and Friday (2/3). I walked/ran a total of 29 miles for the week. Wow. I walked 6 miles over the weekend (2/4 – 2/5), 5 miles on Tuesday (1/31), Wednesday (2/1), Thursday (2/2) and Friday (2/3), and 3 miles on Monday (1/30).

I realized I am still so very far out of shape when I worked through the first C25K workout (Week 1 Day 1) on Monday. I repeated the workout on Friday with the same conclusion.

I throughly enjoy the walking, though. I know it seems silly to walk that much over the course of the week. On the workday, I can fit in 2 miles over my lunch break and then add 3 more miles after work. The fitness trail that I walk on is very convenient to the office. Listening to sermons and podcasts makes the time go by quickly.

Move More & Eat Less

I tried to move more and eat less this week, in keeping with my 2017 motto. However, I did spend Saturday night watching the “Across The Universe” movie (great Beatles music). On Sunday afternoon, I watched a live performance of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” at a local community theater.

Otherwise, most of my spare time was spent in the workshop where I built several frames to stretch some painted canvas over. I have one more piece of canvas to stretch and then I am caught with my paintings, meaning all the paintings I’ve done recently are stretched over frames I’ve made myself.

Some friends and family suggest I start selling some of my art. Maybe I should consider that?

Simple black & white drip painting.

Simple black & white drip painting. Painted sometime in September 2016 and framed on February 4, 2017. 96″ x 36″. Untitled.

4 Untitled drip paintings.

4 untitled drip paintings. Painted sometime in September 2016. Framed the week of January 30 – February 4, 2017. Various sizes.

Super Bowl 2017

I did not watch the 2017 Super Bowl nor did I attend any Super Bowl party. So I wasn’t tempted by any Super Bowl food or treats. Instead, I spent the game time reading a new book I picked up from the Library. I was asleep by half image, I believe.

I also lost $20. I played in the office “squares” pool. Geez.

Wishing every one a great week !!


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