Happy Friday

I’m happy. Today is Friday. It’s the end of the work week. I’ve had a good week (so far) with the eating and exercising. And there is nothing to complain about.

Expect this one tiny little thing …

One of the office narcissist is putting down someone who I don’t even know. He is finding pleasure in making certain the entire office knows that ‘this person’ built an enormous house on a very tiny lot. This house, according to the narcissist, has six bathrooms and a lighted fenced in tennis court in the backyard where the dog chases tennis balls. Yet, he says, there is only about four feet or less of ‘yard’ between the neighbors. He says a special zoning variance was given to build on the house on the lot.

I don’t care that he and ‘this person’ stood in the driveway (which I would believe is bricked, glazed and sealed and heated to keep the snow melted) and smoked cigars and drank cocktails.

But the narcissist made certain that everyone in the office knows.

What bothers me is that the narcissist spent his evening with this person and then puts the person down to the entire office the next morning. I would ask “why spend the time with the person and share cigars and drinks if you are only going to ridicule him later?”

Calories and Exercise for February 2, 2017

I rang up the day at 1,415 eating calories. It was a normal day for breakfast and lunch with Slim Fast shakes. Dinner was a California Grill Chicken Caesar Salad at a local brewery. The salad was good with the pita bread and cheese croutons. It would have been even better with if I had a pint of their seasonal Double IPA called ‘Epiphany’. However, I abstained from any beer calories with dinner. I estimated the calories for the salad at about 1,100. I didn’t have any snacks for the day.

I can’t believe I went to a local brewery and didn’t have any beer.What’s up with that!

I was able to get in 100 minutes of walking for approximately five miles for the day. That equates to about 460 calories burned, according to MFP. I walked two miles during my lunch break and three miles in the evening, before dinner.

I guess I could have used the exercise calories to offset the beer calories if I had an Epiphany during dinner. I would have guessed a pint of the seasonal double IPA at about 250 calories or less. So, there was plenty of room to indulge. However, I had a beer on Monday (1/30) and didn’t want to trigger a binge with the double IPA. Thankfully, I was able to abstain.

Here’s a web page about calories in craft beer.

Friday Lunch Club

I won’t be able to get any lunch walking in today. On Fridays, the usual lunch club meets. This is where a group of office people (minus the narcissists) get together at a local restaurant to talk shop and about our families and life in general. The calories can be heavy and expensive. And it doesn’t give anytime for a walk. But it’s a good time anyways.

So, I intend to go to Planet Fitness after work out this evening and try to get in some treadmill miles to burn some calories. Maybe I will get in the C25K Week 1 Day 2 workout.

Sunset Photo

For the first time in a while the day was bright and sunny. Although it was cold and windy the sunshine kind of offset the chill. I snapped this iPhone photo of the sunset while on my evening walk.

Sunset on February 2, 2017

Sunset on February 2, 2017. Photo taken from Freedom Park, Greenwood Indiana.

Wishing everyone a great day!

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