January was a Good Month

Although January started off with a case of the flu, it was a very good month overall. I lost a few pounds, started to exercise, controlled calories, and stopped drinking so much beer.

Usually, January is the month I dread the most. It is dark, cold, damp. Seasonal affective disorder usually crowds my mind making it difficult to do much of anything. Christmas shopping bills need to be paid. It’s a long month.

The only thing I do like about January is the snow … but there wasn’t much if any snow this January.

But January 2017 was a totally different beast than most, if not all, Januarys have been in my lifetime. Tracking my calorie consumption gave me the sense of control that I really needed to motivate me to exercise and stay busy instead of being depressed and sleeping away the month. That was the edge I needed.

Calories for the Last Day of January

I actually over ran my 1,610 calorie target by 10 calories on January 31. The popcorn (air popped) snack I had after dinner pushed me over the target. I should have cut the quantity of popcorn in half to stay under my target.

However, I did burn 460 calories by walking about 5 miles yesterday. There was a set of 2 miles during lunch and a set of 3 miles after work. If I offset my food calories by the exercise calories, the was a deficit of 450 calories for the day.

I had the usual Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch. Also, for lunch, I had a Think Thin protein bar for 230 calories. I picked up the protein bar at CVS the day before thinking it could be handy for a snack. For dinner, I had my usual grilled chicken salad. But, I added more chicken than usual so that added to the added calories.

Blood Pressure

This morning, my blood pressure was 108/71 with a resting heart rate of 63. Not bad.

Wishing everyone a great February 1.


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