It’s Friday

Yesterday was a good day. I finished the day at 1,190 calories. Well below my 1,610 target. In fact, it was 420 calories below.

Right now, at this moment, I’m hungry. Usually, I’m not too hungry in the mornings but today is different. I hope that I’m not inducing any kind of starvation issues with these low-calorie days. I’ve read where the metabolism will shut down if you starve yourself. While I don’t think that I’m doing that, I still need to be aware of it.

Although, I will admit the less I eat the better I feel. Strange, isn’t it.


Yesterday, I couldn’t do my walking exercise during lunch. So, I decided to do the walk immediately after work. The park with the fitness trail is about a mile and half from the office so it is extremely easy to get to.

It was windy and cold with some rain and snow. But I walked anyways. I walked for 77 minutes on the fitness path. MFP says that 77 minutes equates to 362 calories burned off. I walked four laps around the park which (they say) is a mile per lap. So, it was a 4 mile walk. I don’t really know the distance since I still don’t have a Fit Bit or Garmin.

At the end of the walk I was wiped out. So, it was a good walk whether it was truly four miles or a little under four miles.

But, while on the walk, I thought that I should do this more often. That is, exercise and work out immediately after I leave the office. Usually, I go home and do something mundane and then  exercise on the Max Trainer and/or walk around the neighborhood. That isn’t a bad strategy. And it’s probably just habit to go straight home after work.

After all, I did that for years, many years. I was always eager to get home to see the family and hug my wife.

But now, since that is all gone, I don’t know why I rush home after work. The house is usually empty and quiet. My oldest son still lives with me but he works a different shift so we hardly see each other.

My wife has been gone and with someone else for over two years. So I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing this back then, that is, exercising immediately after work. I could go to Planet Fitness on the bad weather days or to the park on good weather days.

But exercising immediately after work, at least yesterday, gave me an energetic lift. I’m sure it was something emotional and fleeting because it was a new experience. I was eager to leave work and exercise.

The Weekend

Whenever I’m on a weight loss program, I dread the weekend. There is time and opportunity to over eat and over drink. In contrast, the work week is usually busy enough to distract from taking the opportunities to over eat although it’s possible during the work week too.

Although I’ve been faithful to the program the three weekends so far in January, I still wonder how the weekend will pan out before it starts.

I usually make a list of things I need to do, things I want to do, things I need to buy. That keeps me busy. And, that is the key that I’ve discovered recently. Stay busy.

That phrase fits into my “Eat Less Move More” motto, which I’ve adopted for 2017 and which I’ve adhered to so far.

Random Photo

From a Life Is Good shirt.

From a Life Is Good shirt.


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