Feeling Better & A Benefit of Counting Calories

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better today.

My calories rang up to 1,100 for January 25, 2017. Which is on the low side of the 1,610 daily target. But, after a healthy portion of ‘home made’ grilled chicken salad for dinner at 720 calories, I went to bed. It was about 7:00pm.

I planned to eat a little more, to get my calories near the 1,610 target. But, after finishing the grilled chicken salad, I wasn’t hungry any longer. And, I was very tired, so I went to bed.

A Benefit of Calorie Counting

One of the benefits of calorie counting is that it limits my choices.

On the drive home from work, I pass more than a dozen restaurants, fast food, casual, expensive or otherwise. Some of these restaurants are favorites, like the Between the Bun gourmet hamburger shop that offers the best Mac & Cheese burger. I have probably eaten at all of these restaurants.

However, I know that stopping at any of these places will have a serious impact on my caloric limits. Even a grilled chicken salad from Bubba’s 33 or the Outback Steakhouse holds between 900 – 1,100 calories for me (estimated). The Bob Evans Cobb Salad with chicken is 1,250 calories (they say).

So, I drive by and go home where I can more closely monitor calories and my choices are limited.

I don’t mind. I’m actually thankful for the limits. “Stay in control” is the mantra. I don’t need to decide or debate when to eat tonight.

In contrast, when I was not counting calories, anything was a potential eating target. And, any restaurant was a potential stopping place. The Mac & Cheese burger from Between the Bun was always available. It was $12 of eating goodness and satisfying. Add in a couple of craft beers and it was amazing.

In times like that, there was no control, no planning, no consequence. Just eat and drink whatever, whenever, wherever.

But now, if I want to lose the weight, I will need to choose the salad and count calories. Occasionally I will indulge, maybe even stop at Between the Bun. However, now, I need to be focused on the limits and benefits that calorie counting offers me.

Exercise for January 25, 2017

I was able to walk about 4 miles on January 25. And, I spent 14 minutes on the Max Trainer. MFP says that this effort was worth about 499 calories.

I enjoy the walking. I listen to John MacArthur sermon and reflect on what he is saying. I enjoy the weather, even the dank and dingy overcast. Just being in motion can soothe my soul.

The Max Trainer is a different beast. It is very intense. It is like running on a treadmill, working out on an elliptical and a stair master all at the same time. Fourteen minutes on it is enough.

So far, I’ve walked 10 miles this week and spent 28 minutes on the Max Trainer.

A Non Scale Victory

I weigh in on Monday mornings. But, during the week I notice some weight related body chances that are worth mentioning.

This morning I put on a pair of size 36 pants. The last time I wore these pants was in October 2016. By then, I was too fat to wear them comfortably. I could squeeze into them but it wasn’t comfortable or pretty.

I tried them on this morning just to see if I could fit into them. And … I could. And I could in comfort. Yay !!



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