Another Day …

Yesterday, January 24, 2017 was a very active day. I walked 4 miles total (estimated – still need to get a Fit Bit or Garmin). I walked 2 miles during my lunch break and then 2 miles in the evening after work. Plus, I did 14 minutes on the Max Trainer.

MFP says that it was a 500 calorie exercise day. Wow.

And, I’m feeling the effects today. I’m dragging, tired, feeling spent, weak. I don’t know if it was all the exercise or the 1,040 calories I ate yesterday.

I had a Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch. I had a grilled chicken salad for dinner. Those meals rang up to 1,040 calories, which is far below the 1,610 target I aim for each day. It’s 570 calories below.

I saved calories on the grilled chicken salad by adding only 8 ounces of chicken instead of 12 ounces. I intended to save the calories so I could enjoy a bottle of Zombie Dust (at 190 calories) with dinner.

However, I didn’t enjoy the Zombie Dust. After dinner, I read for a few minutes and went to bed.

Blood Pressure

This morning, the blood pressure was 116/71 with a resting heart rate of 71. Wow. Normal. Yay. I believe the diastolic number one of the lowest I’ve seen (?) in recent years.

Tiny Homes –  Van Dwelling – RVing

There is talk in the office about Tiny Homes and Van Dwelling as if this was something just discovered.

I’ve known about van dwelling, full-time RVing and tiny homes for a while. For several years I’ve followed a few van dwellers and full-time RVers that have You Tube channels. It’s the kind of lifestyle I would like to live some time in my life.

However, I can’t do that just yet.

It is a hard lifestyle to do with a family, especially one with four kids and a dog so I couldn’t have done it when married with family. And, I can’t do it now due to the load of marital debt and student loans. I need to be employed full-time consistently to pay on the debt.

Some van dwellers or full-time RVers have a skill set that allows them to travel and work from the road. Some of them work in an IT, programming or web development field.

I work as a graphic artist and full stack web developer. So, maybe I do have the skill set to work on the road and van dwell or RV full-time. But right now it isn’t possible.

If I ever do it, I would like to do it as a thin man.


3 thoughts on “Another Day …

  1. I have had fitbit for a while. I have had the charge, the charge HR, and now the charge HR2. I love the charge HR2! I also love that it has bands that you can switch out. I got a metal watch band so it will look more appropriate with nicer dress clothes. I am sure garmin is good too. If you join the fitbit world I would love to add you for challenges.
    I have never heard of Zombie dust. That sounds interesting but if you said you didn’t enjoy it maybe not, haha.

    • Hi Lady Sweet Pea … thank you for sharing. I’m still looking into the Fit Bit and will look closely at the HR2. Did I say I didn’t like the Zombie Dust … Oh My ! I apologize … I meant to say I love the Dust … just need to watch the zombie calories !!!

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