Zombie Dust and the Reality of Calorie Counting

A friend brought me two six packs of Zombie Dust.

Zombie Dust is a rugged pale ale brewed by the Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana. I’ve searched high and low for a bottle. The Dust is hard to come by. Never been able to grab one. Been close a few times. Went to the brewery to get a bottle but they were sold out. What !!?

Last night I had my first bottle.

It wasn’t quite orgasmic … but very close.

Of course, I wondered what the calories were in the bottle. How many floated in the pale ale? I looked up the calories in MFP. The listing estimated the calories at 190 calories per 100 ml. This web site estimates a bottle at 186 calories. I entered 190 calories in my day’s total.

The Reality of Calorie Counting

You never really know how my calories you are eating, do you?

I can look up every food, measure everything but still not know the exact calorie count. It is all an estimation.

Yet, when I estimate the calories, as in the bottle of Zombie Dust, even though slightly inaccurate, probably inaccurate, I know that it’s a close guess.

190 calories is a good estimate for Zombie Dust. One bottle at 190 calories is acceptable. Two bottles at 380 calories is ok in some circumstances. Three bottles at 570 is pushing the limit and four bottles at 760 calories has become a meal.

760 empty calories from the goodness of Zombie Dust in one episode is not acceptable if I want to get thin. Yet, not too long ago, that is how I drank beer.

So, the reality of calorie counting, although probably inaccurate to the ninth calorie, is that it leads to portion control, which leads to weight loss.

Zombie Dust ... estimated 190 calories per bottle.

Zombie Dust … estimated 190 calories per bottle.

Calories for Monday, January 23, 2017

My total calories for yesterday was 1,625. That is 15 calories over my target of 1,610. And, those 15 calories came from the bottle of Zombie Dust.


My ex-wife sends a text. She wants me to search for a photo taken in 2004 during our trip to Washington DC. During that trip I snapped a photo of her with the Washington Monument in the background. The photo was well exposed and sharp in focus. And, it was a great photo of her as she was at her lowest weight.

We were both on Weight Watchers at the time and lost significant amount weight, tracking points and exercising. She lost over 70 pounds and we almost got to our life time goals. She was so very pretty, and young, vibrant, cute, sexy. I miss those days.

Yet, life moves on. We went off Weight Watchers and gained back the weight. She fell in love with someone else and left.

She is now focused on losing weight and joined the local YMCA. She wanted a photo of her at her lowest weight so she could have a visual goal. She said she would hang the photo on the refrigerant to remind her of how she once looked. I wish her the best. I know it can happen.

I was at my lowest weight at that time as well. I believe it was about 140 pounds. I plan to get back ‘down there’. I didn’t enjoy looking at the photos of myself during that trip as it brought guilt for having gained the weight back.

Blood Pressure

I’ll close this post with my morning blood pressure reading … 116/82 with a resting heart rate of 71.


3 thoughts on “Zombie Dust and the Reality of Calorie Counting

  1. When I started my journey to be healthier, my first commitment was becoming aware of everything that was going in my body, everything I was eating. MFP was a great tool, and I still use it to this day to help me be present with my meals. There are times, I’ll get on and log what I want to eat, see the calories and look for alternatives that will be just as satisfying. 🙂

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