Some Progress


Yay. Lost a few pounds last week. I lost 11. 3 pounds since the New Year. If my calculations are correct my average is 3.76 pounds a week so far. This far exceeds my intent of a single pound a week on average until I reach my goal weight. However, I’m feeling great and doing well so I will take the weight loss even though I’m way ahead of schedule.

My BMI is 30.4. So, I’m still in the obese range. Still much work to be done but I’m happy with my progress so far.


I had a two beers on Friday 1/20. I had one beer at an Italian restaurant and another beer at a bar just a few doors down. It was wonderful. Thankfully, I stopped at two beers for the night. In the past, I would have had four or five on a night like that plus all the food I could stuff into my mouth.

I did not make it to Planet Fitness to exercise on Saturday or Sunday. Instead, with the amazingly warm January weather I was able to get outside without a hat and walk around the neighborhood on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon, I went to Fort Harrison State Park and walked for 87 minutes. According to My Fitness Pal, the 87 minute walk was worth a 409 calorie burn. Wow. I was very tired at the end.

My eating over the weekend was in control. Although Friday night’s dinner at the Italian restaurant was expensive in regards to calories. Saturday and Sunday were in control.

Daily Calories

  • Monday 1/16 : 1,140
  • Tuesday 1/17 : 1,210
  • Wednesday 1/18 : 1,555
  • Thursday 1/19 : 1,480
  • Friday 1/20 : 2,166
  • Saturday 1/21 : 1,055
  • Sunday 1/22 : 1,055

My average daily calories for the week of January 16 – 21 was 1,380. That is 230 calories per day below my daily target.

Sunday and Saturday ended up at the same calorie number. Strange, as I did not eat the same things on those days.

My only over-board day was Friday with 2,166 calories. That is 556 calories over my target. But, the dinner was great and the beer was even better.


Yay … I was able to exercise 6 days last week. Did the Max Trainer on four days and walked six days. I believe I walked about 13 miles for the week. Not too bad.

I need to get one of those Fit-Bit things or a Garmin to track the miles so I can report accurate numbers.

Blood Pressure

I didn’t take any of my meds on Sunday. So, I worried about my blood pressure this morning. However, it was 118/75 with a 62 resting pulse rate. Wow. In the normal range without the meds. And the heart rate is great at 62. That is the best it’s been since I started.

Looking Forward

The January 23 – 29 week looks to be ‘normal’. There are no dinners or events planned, with exception of one evening. Hopefully I will be able to keep the calories below 1,610 per day and keep moving.

I would like to get to Planet Fitness for a workout. I really need to get there to exercise, not only for my health but also because I pay for a membership. I believe it’s been over a year since I’ve been there. I don’t know what stops me from going? So strange.


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