Calories, Narcissism and Random Photo

I maintained ‘good eating’ yesterday. I kept the calories below my 1,610 goal with 1,480 calories. I had the Slim Fast shakes for lunch and breakfast. I had a huge Cobb salad with chicken from Bob Evans for dinner. The waitress at the restaurant looked up the ‘official’ calories from the Bob Evans playbook. Bob says the total for the salad was 1,250 calories.

Oh my.

I have yet to confirm that. Other sources I checked online say the calories would be 516 calories for a 14.4 oz serving. My Fitness Pal records the calories from the Cobb salad at 550.

It was a huge salad. Maybe I had two servings? Maybe?

I know the grilled chicken added some calories to the mix. But 1,250? Seems like a convenient rounded number to me. But …

To be safe, I recorded the calories at 1,100 in MFP. That was 2 servings of 550 calories. I still went away hungry from the table but closed down my eating for day.

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was higher this morning for some reason. 131/79 with a resting heart rate of 69. Strange.

I did exercise yesterday. Walked two miles on the fitness trail at a local park. I walked during my lunch break since I had plans in the evening. I wasn’t able to step onto the Max Trainer to get an intense interval workout. Maybe there is a connection between the intense workout and lower blood pressure? Maybe?

I’ve walked four days this week for a total of 9 miles so far. I’m should be able to get more miles in this weekend.

Narcissists in the Office

I work in an open office. That is, there are no cubicles. All the desks and other equipment are spaced evenly along the walls. There is a center walk way between the desks.

I don’t know the advantage of this arrangement. It’s hard to concentrate at times when the others are talking about their daily lives, politics, financial issues, kids and wives.

There are three certified narcissists in the office. They are self-righteous, know everything about everything, arrogant, proud, articulate. They love to talk. They talk about themselves, their beliefs, their physical health and beauty, their judgements on ‘inferior’ people. They embellish their stories and outright lie at times. When confronted with accurate facts that contradict their stories and exploits, they belittle, curse and condemn.

Their politics lean to the far left. Which is humorous, as one of the narcissists recently acquired ownership in the company and he is now appalled at the amount of tax (corporate and personal) he has to pay courtesy of democrat rule.

I once engaged in their conversations. I would express a conservative or moderate point of view. Always shot down, ridiculed since I don’t hold to their beliefs. So, I stopped participating or even talking to them about anything, unless it was work related. What is the point? They can express themselves much better than I ever could.

This morning, they conversed on the topic of “van dwelling”. I know quite of bit the topic as I would like to do it one day so I’ve done a lot of research. It’s a dream to be able to wander around the country living in a van. Although, I don’t have any immediate plans to do so as I have a healthy amount of marital debt, tuition and student loans to pay off. So, I’ll be working for a while longer.

But it is still a dream.

They’ve talked about van dwelling, tiny homes, minimalist living several times before. They always conclude their conversations with the expression of how ‘stupid’ those people are to live that kind of lifestyle as it is not sustainable or intellectually or physically challenging.


Random Photo

Recently, I bought a new utility knife. Of the many that were offered, I choose the lest expensive with the most included blades, the Stanley Classic 99 with retractable blade.

It was only $3.99. Good enough.

And it is a good enough utility knife for what I need.

However, the packaging says there are three blades included. Yet, upon opening the package I discovered that I bought the package with only two blades.


Stanley Classic 99 retractable blade utility knife

Bought this Stanley Classic 99 retractable blade utility knife. It offered three blades in the package. The one I bought only had two.

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