Snickers, Oreos or Whey Protein?

Yesterday, January 18, 2017 was, thankfully, a good day on all levels.

My eating was in control at 1,555 calories for the day, which is below my limit of 1,610. I walked for 40 minutes, which equates to about 2 miles. I built two 20″ x 16″ stretcher frames in the workshop. This activity was on top of a decent day at work.

Snickers or Whey Protein?

I made a stop at the local Kroger. I bought two Gatorade Whey protein bars. There was a special on these bars, two for $7. So, I bought two. I thought I could keep the bars around the house or office just in case I was ever so hungry and needed something quick.

Well, that time came quickly last night. Just before going to bed a huge wave of hunger pass through my belly. So, I checked my calories, which at the time were 1,205. There was enough room for a small snack.

I didn’t realize the protein bar was loaded with 350 calories when I bought it. At the time of my hunger I thought I would eat only half of the bar, just enough to settle the hunger and save the other half for later.

But, I ate the entire bar. All 350 calories. It was good. It was really good. Tasted like a candy bar.

However, it might have been better for me to eat a candy bar, maybe even a Snickers bar!

According to the Supplement Geek, Gatorade’s whey protein bar is similar to the Snickers bar in ingredients and sugars and fat. Yikes! Yes, it offers the 20 grams of protein, but as the Supplement Geek says, the protein comes at the expense of excessive sugar and fat.

This is a true case of “live and learn”. So, I’ll stay away from the Gatorade Whey protein bar in the future.

Oreo Thins

However, instead of the Whey protein bar or the Snickers, I could have had 4 Oreo cookies for 150 calories as a snack.

I found the new Oreo Thins. How cool.

Some, not all, but some of my extra 50 pounds is made of Oreos. Such a great comfort food that, at times, I could not live without.

So, these new Oreo Thins, which proclaim only 150 calories per four cookies, are tempting beyond belief.

At the grocery, I choose the Gatorade Whey  protein bar over the Oreo Thins.

Snickers, Whey protein bar or Oreo Thins. I thought I made the perfect, healthy choice for a bedtime snack or any snack on any day with the Gatorade Whey protein bar.

Oreo Thins ... tempting beyond belief.

Oreo Thins … tempting beyond belief.

But, maybe not.

2 thoughts on “Snickers, Oreos or Whey Protein?

  1. I think the Oreo’s is the way to go!

    I buy the Fiber One, 90 calorie fudge brownies. I make a cup of coffee with some sugar free creamer, and for 120 calories, I can sit and have my coffee and a “brownie” and not feel guilty. Those have worked for my sweet tooth cravings – and the extra fiber doesn’t hurt!

    Oh, they also have mint chocolate chip brownies 😀

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