Strange Dream and a NSV

Thankfully, the creeping depression I’ve been feeling for the last two days has faded.

Last night I crashed about 7:45 pm. I was tired of dealing with the depression and decided to read and then sleep. My intent was to work for an hour in the workshop building a new stretcher fame. But, I didn’t have the energy for that. I read a few pages of my current book Between Heaven and Here by Susan Straight and then fell asleep.

This morning, I feel much better. Thankfully the depression has faded.

Calories – January 17, 2017

I ended the day at 1,210 calories. Which is 400 calories below my goal of 1,610. For breakfast and lunch, I had the Slim Fast shakes and a salad, chicken/cheese and a cheddar brat for dinner. It was enough.

Exercise – January 17, 2017

I spent 14 minutes on the Max Trainer, which is enough. My heart rate maxed at 148 beats per minute. The calories burned on the Max Trainer was 122, according to the computer on the Trainer.

I walked a total of three miles. I walked one mile on the fitness track at a park close by the office. I walked during my lunch break in hopes of chasing away the depression. It was a chilly, windy and cloudy day and I didn’t have a hat so my ears were really cold when I finished the mile.

After work, I walked two miles around the neighborhood. I had a hat for that walk. It was a pleasant walk but I felt drained at the end.

Strange Dreams 

I had a very strange dream last night. It involved my ex-wife. We have been divorced for over 2 years but still frequently talk on the phone or via text.

In this dream, we were together and doing some sort of physical activity, like running or walking together. We were having fun and deeply in love. However, we were having trouble keeping our shoe laces tied. So, I came up with an elaborate and difficult-to-use contraption to keep the laces tied tight.

In the next scene,  I was laid up for some reason. My ankle was elevated and I was on a couch. It was outdoor under a tarp and there were about a dozen people around me, all sitting down.

My wife comes by and she’s with this guy. They were exercising, either running or walking together. I recognized him as a science teacher from my middle school days (where he came from I don’t know). They were trying to tie their laces via my elaborate contraption. I was watching them and they were way too intimate while trying to tie the laces.

From my bed, or sofa, or whatever it was, I yelled and screamed at her asking why she was leaving me for him. But I couldn’t do anything because I was stuck on the sofa under the tarp. She screamed back something that I couldn’t hear. I felt so intensely devastated, crushed, abandoned when I realized that she was leaving. Then she was gone.

It is amazing that you can feel these intense emotions in a dream.

NSV – Non Scale Victory

There is a NSV to report. I am able to tighten the belt to a new, never before used, notch.

Yay. The pants have been feeling loose lately but tightening the belt wasn’t comfortable. But this morning, I was able to tighten to the new notch and it was comfortable.

Ah … progress!




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