Creeping Depression & Hiking Trail?

I feel depression creeping into my psyche.

I felt it coming on yesterday (1/16). It is like a fast weed growing inside your head. You know it’s there, you pick at it, maybe even spray a chemical on it, dig it up and hope for the bests – meaning it doesn’t grow back. Sometimes it doesn’t grow back for days or weeks. But, eventually it does.

Very strange.

Last night, I tried to stay ahead of it by keeping busy with a workshop project. And, after the rain passed over the area, I took a 40 minute walk. For the most part, I stayed ahead of it.

Today, it has been aggressive. I took a 20 minute walk during lunch to stay ahead of it.

Blood Pressure

This morning my blood pressure was 110/75 with a 67 resting heart rate. Wow. Totally normal.

Yesterday (1/16) I had a doctor’s appointment to talk about my blood pressure. It was 124/83 in the office. After about 10 minutes, the doctor took another reading and it dropped to 118/79. She was happy to see that number, considering the average has been in the 140/110 range for a long time. She told me to continue to lose weight and exercise.

I plan to. I want to.


My calorie count on Monday, January 16 was 1,140. My goal is 1,610 calories a day. I believe the creeping depression was stunting my appetite. I did have a large salad and chicken and cheese for dinner. I was not hungry but I ate anyways. Later, I took a 40 minute walk to burn 190 calories. But, that is not reflected in the 1,140 day’s total.

Usually, with a creeping depression I would eat and eat and drink and drink some more to stay ahead of it. But, this time, my will power seemed to be strong for some reason and I was able to resist the overeating and over drinking.

Mount Mitchell

Today, I discovered that Mount Mitchell, near Burnsville North Carolina, is the highest mountain peak east of the Mississippi river at 6,684 feet.

I always believed the highest point east of the Mississippi river was Clingman’s dome in the Smokey Mountain National Park.

Looks like I was wrong.

Of course, once I discovered this I googled a route from central Indiana to the summit. It is an 8 hour drive to the parking lot and an easy quarter-mile walk to reach the summit.

Maybe I will make it a four-day weekend road trip. A day to travel there, two days at the park hiking around and exploring the area and then a day to travel back. Maybe I could do it this Spring when the weather warms up.

I could forego the easy quarter-mile walk to the summit from the parking lot for the 6 mile one way trail starting at the Black Mountain Campground. I read that there is a 3,700 elevation gain on this trail. I will need to get in better shape if I want to hike this trail. Maybe I could stay at the campground?

So, I will add this to my PBL (Potential Bucket List).


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