A Weight Loss


How cool. Lost weight this week! 3.8 pounds. Much more than my goal of one pound on average per week. But, I will take this loss. For the two weeks that I’ve been on the Program my average weekly weight loss is 4.2 pounds. I know this average isn’t maintainable as time moves on. But for now, it’s a good feeling.

And, this morning, my blood pressure was 117/79, which is normal. Yay.

The Calories 

  • Monday 1/9 : 1,632
  • Tuesday 1/10 : 1,742
  • Wednesday 1/11 : 1,010
  • Thursday 1/12 : 1,605
  • Friday 1/13 : 1,130
  • Saturday : 1,564
  • Sunday : 1,225

The average daily calories for the week was 1,415. This is below my 1,610 daily goal.

The Exercise

I was able to walk about 2 miles on 5 days for a total of 10 miles. I also worked out on the Max Trainer on four days.

I tried running for about a hundred yards after a few the walks. It was a struggle. I haven’t run in over a year. At the same time it was a struggle it was also releasing. Maybe I will start the C25K program again.

I do love to run. However, when I run I just can’t stop at something ‘reasonable’ but always have to reach and obtain a higher goal (more time, more miles, faster pace, more races). I believe if I get back to running I will just stay in 5K area. Meaning, I don’t want to be obsessed with longer distances and risk getting burnt out like I’ve done in the past. And a 5K seems a reasonable distance.

I wanted to get to Planet Fitness over the weekend, just to walk on the treadmill and maybe some resistance training. But, I never got around to it. Bummer.

The Eating

I went out with some friends on Saturday night (1/14) to a Mexican restaurant. It is really hard to count calories in a place like that. So many food choices! I found a meal that included Mexican rice and chicken with cheese. Very simple. I estimated the calories at about 1,134 with the rice, chicken, cheese and chips. Thankfully, I had not spent many calories leading up to the evening so I was comfortable with the dinner calories.

Thankfully, there was no beer. Usually, at a dinner like this, I would have had two or three beers.

Sunday evening  (1/15) I had dinner with the kids. I had a simple grilled chicken salad at Bubba’s 33.

The only cheating for last week was the birthday cake and ice cream (Tuesday evening 1/10). Otherwise, the eating for the week was in control. I only felt hungry a few times but nothing overwhelming.

The Paintings

The more I stay busy with working around the house the less I obsess with food. I’m sure that typical is for many people. So, this weekend I stayed busy with normal household chores and some DIY projects.

For one of the projects, I finally was able to build some frames and stretched some canvases that I had painted in November.

I made three frames: 6′ x 4′, 8′ x 4′ and 8′ x 3.5′.

I’m learning how to make better frames. The more I ‘just’ do it the more I learn as I go along.

I believe the eureka for this set of paintings was that I assembled a make shift workbench out of two saw horses and some flat boards.  I built the frames and stretched the canvases on the workbench. In the past, I would build the frames and stretch the canvas on the concrete floor. That was very uncomfortable. Elevating the working platform from the floor to the workbench made the work enjoyable and comfortable. Again,  the things you learn when you just do it.

Below is a photo of the three paintings. There is two small canvas cuts on the floor that I still need to make frames for.

Paintings from January 2017.

Paintings from January 2017.


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