Bubba’s 33 and a Broken Furnace

Thursday evenings are ‘family night’ in the household. Since all the kids are grown and on their own (with exception of one) Thursdays are a time for everyone who wants to and is able to come over to the house where they grew up and talk and eat food. It is a chance to catch up on everyone’s busy lives.

Last night, through some misguided choices of my own, I was not planning to show up to family night. However, my plans were scrubbed at the last moment. No one else showed up since they all thought I was ‘out’. Since I was alone on family night, I would take a 40 minute walk and eat a high protein dinner, read and then go to bed.

My oldest son lives with me. When he realized that family night was ‘back on’ he offered to take me out to dinner. Quick texts to the other kids resulted in declines as they already had other things going on. So, my oldest and I went to Bubba’s 33 for dinner.

Bubba’s 33 is really a loud sports bar. At lest the one in my neighborhood is. In the past, Bubba’s 33 meant a heavy cheeseburger, french fry and beer meal for me. At least two of their 33 ounce beers.

But last night was different. I order the grilled chicken salad. My son ordered the bacon burger and fries. There was no beer for either of us.

I estimated the salad at about 900 calories. Bubba’s 33 does not have a published calorie guide. I took the calories as reported in an Outback grilled chicken salad and assigned those calories to the Bubba’s 33 grilled chicken salad.

With the Subway 6″ turkey sub I had for lunch and the Slim Fast shake for breakfast, my eating for the day was at 1,605 calories. This is 5 calories below my goal of 1,610.

Blood Pressure

This morning, my blood pressure was 126/84 with a resting heart rate of 73. So, I slipped back into the ‘high’ spectrum. Strange, yesterday was solidly in the ‘normal’ range. My resting heart rate is still too high which means I’m just out-of-shape.

I wonder if the fact I did not work out on the Max Trainer last night but opted for a 40 minute walk had anything to do with the higher blood pressure? Who knows? Maybe the Max Trainer impacts the blood pressure better than the walking as it is more intensive?

Broken Furnace

Ah, the inevitable has finally happened. The furnace broke.

This furnace is over 20 years old. But, it’s been running great since the last repair in 2004.

For some reason I was awake at 1:30am on Friday morning and noticed the furnace wasn’t clicking on. The White-Rodgers Model 50E47-860 ignition control module was flashing a yellow light which means the polarity of the wiring to the furnace is reversed.

What? How could that happen? It’s been running fine for 12 years. Nothing has changed in the house wiring. I’m sure the polarity is fine? Hopefully? Maybe?

A quick google search took me to a page that advised to check the polarity with a multi meter. Cool. I have one. A multi meter.

But, I don’t know how to use a multi meter. I tried to check the polarity on some of the wires but I didn’t know what I was doing or which wires were the right wires to check. I quickly realized calling a technician in the morning was the best idea.

My hope is the flashing yellow light that says “bad polarity” is a false signal and the actual problem is a bad igniter, which will cause (I hope) a bad polarity indication.

So I went back to bed. And hoped for the best.

When the alarm went off at 6:00 am, the house was in the high 50’s.

I called a Service company to schedule a service call. Hopefully, they will be able to get to the house this afternoon.

Otherwise, it will be a cold night.

The Multi Meter I own and do not know how to use.

The Multi Meter I own and do not know how to use.



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