Eating and a Sharpie

My eating for Wednesday, January 11, 2017 was good. I kept the calories on the low-end at 1,010. My goal is 1,610 calories.

Probably not too wise to under eat. The My Fitness Pal app chided me for the low-calorie intake when I completed the diary.

I ate a good dinner. There was a salad, green beans, chicken. Muscle Milk shakes for lunch and breakfast. I drank over 75 ounces of water.

And, I was not too awfully hungry during the day.

I double checked all the tracking and the calories were accurate. Just seemed to be on the low side.

I was able to get on the Max Trainer for 15 minutes and took a 2 mile walk outside.

Blood Pressure

This morning, my blood pressure was at 113/75 with a resting heart rate of 76. And, I took the reading before I took my blood pressure meds. Even so, a normal blood pressure is pretty cool. Although I wish the resting heart rate would be lower. But to do that I need to have better fitness, which I am working on.

A Sharpie

Yesterday, I had to stop by the office supply store during my lunch break. This is not unusual as some projects I work on don’t have the required paper stock in my office inventory. So, I dash out during lunch to the office supply store.

While I was in the store, I bought a Sharpie pen.

I don’t need a new Sharpie. I hardly use a Sharpie.

But I bought one nonetheless.

Back at the office, I completed the project and submitted. Task done. Everyone happy.

But I still had the Sharpie. I’m trying to resolve the reason why I bought the Sharpie. Maybe I feel a Sharpie obsession coming on?

Just wanted to share.

I bought a Sharpie for no particular reason.

I bought a Sharpie for no particular reason. This is the actual Sharpie. 

Disclosure : I bought the Sharpie with my own cash and didn’t charge it to the company’s expense account.

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