Bad Eating but a Small Victory

Yesterday, Tuesday January 10, 2017 was a bad eating day. I was 132 calories over my 1,610 goal. And, no exercise to offset the overload of calories.

I was hungry for most of the day. And a little dizzy. Just tired, feeling ragged. I had the usual Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch. But, I added an Atkins protein bar to lunch because I was so hungry. After work, I quickly ate a small salad before I had to be at a dinner/birthday party. There was no time to eat a grilled chicken dinner like I would have wanted to do. There was pizza and salad, ice cream and birthday cake at the dinner/birthday party. I ate small portions of everything.

Even though my eating wasn’t the best, I did see a slight victory. That is, my portions were small and in control at the dinner/birthday party. Just two slices of pizza, a small salad, one scoop of ice cream and a small slice of cake. And, I drank a bottle of water.

Usually, at events like this, I would eat until I was totally stuffed. At least four or five slices of pizza and more and more ice cream and cake. And, at least a few beers.

But last night, I felt like I was in control of my eating, even though it wasn’t the kind of eating I want to do now that I’m trying to lose weight.

Plus, there was no time to exercise. Although I wouldn’t have walked outside around the neighborhood since a strange thunderstorm was passing over central Indiana. So strange to see lightning in the sky during January. It felt more like mid April than early January. Although I could have jumped on the Max Trainer. But I was so tired that I just went to bed the moment I got home.

Blood Pressure

Wow. 108/78 with a resting heart rate of 69. Wow. I believe that is ‘normal’. Wow. I haven’t seen a normal reading in a very long time. I did take my blood pressure meds just before taking the reading. I’m sure that had an effect. But still, normal blood pressure after 11 days on the program … wow.

How Many Calories In …

According to the Hersey web site, there are 200 calories in 11 of the Reese’s Mini Cups. So, each one has about 19 calories. The Calorie King website reports there are 220 calories in 5 of the mini cups at 44 calories each.

According to the Calorie King website, a single Hershey Milk Chocolate Kiss has 22 calories of goodness. I couldn’t find any calorie information on the Kiss on the Hershey website.

Wow. I’ve eating a lot of these candies over the years. At least I know now what I was eating and how many calories.

And, I did not eat these two delicious candies even though they called out to me. I just took their photo.


A Hershey Kiss and Reese Mini Peanut Butter Cup

2 thoughts on “Bad Eating but a Small Victory

  1. Lol at photographing candy instead of eating it. I am amazed at your willpower. It is one of those times I would have eaten the model.
    I admire your goals, Dave. 1610 calories seems a little low for a daily calorie budget though. Be well!

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