Pressing On

I’m feeling a little run down this morning. But really have no reason. Other than the dark, damp morning commute everything is as normal as it can be.

Blood Pressure

This morning, my blood pressure was 118/81 with a resting heart rate of 72. Wow. I certainly haven’t seen a number like that in maybe, years, but definitely in a long time. I usually take my blood pressure in the morning before I leave for work. This morning, I just happen to take my blood pressure meds three minutes or so before taking the reading. So maybe the near normal reading of this morning was due to the meds? Maybe. I would like to believe the 2 miles I walked last night had a slight effect as well as the ‘eat less move more’ lifestyle I’m working towards.


My calories for Monday, January 9 2017, was 1,632. That is 22 calories over my 1,600 goal. However, the forty minutes of walking gave me 199 calories to offset it. But, I don’t account for the exercise calories. So, the bottom line is that I was 22 calories over.

The 100 calories of Muscle Milk is what push me over. I wanted a bedtime snack last night so I opted for a bottle of Muscle Milk. It had only 100 calories but I didn’t realize that it would push me over the edge.

Otherwise, my eating for 1/9/2017 was good. A Slimfast shake for breakfast, a cashew salad for lunch, and a grilled chicken salad for dinner. It’s amazing that salads have so many calories. But, apparently they do.

I was going to prepare my grilled chicken dinner at home but I got a last-minute invitation to dinner out. We went to local Bubba’s 33. They don’t have any calorie guides online or printed (at least I couldn’t find any). So I estimated the calories in their grilled chicken salad. I’m sure I over estimated but wanted to be safe. I thought there was a law that said restaurants had to publish a calorie guide to their menu? Maybe not.

Random Photo

I took this iPhone photo at the Lafayette Art Museum on January 7, 2017.

Painted puppy dog sculpture at the Lafayette Indiana Art Museum.

Painted puppy dog sculpture at the Lafayette Indiana Art Museum.


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