Successful First Week


So cool. Lost some weight. Yay. 4.8 pounds to be exact. Not too bad for the first week of the 2017 effort. I still have 41 pounds to lose so there is a lot more work to do. My BMI is 31.5 so I am consider obese.

My blood pressure this morning was 129/82 with a resting heart rate of 82. I haven’t seen a systolic number less than 130 is a very long time. I’m not sure what the 82 resting heart rate is all about.

Weekend Eating

Saturday and Sunday were good eating days. I kept the calories below 1,610 and was able to do some exercise. Although, I woke on Sunday morning with some anxiety to how I was going to keep the eating in control. I decided to stay busy all day with cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, sweeping and moping, cleaning the fish cage, working on a project for a friend, and building a stretcher frame for a recent painting. I ended the day with 15 minutes on the Max Trainer and a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood. That kept the anxiety contained.

Calories for Week January 2 – 8, 2017

  • Monday 1/2 : Unknown : was sick with the flu, didn’t really eat much
  • Tuesday 1/3 : Unknown : still sick, didn’t really eat much
  • Wednesday 1/4 : felt better but didn’t track calories although kept calories to a minimum.
  • Thursday 1/5 : 1,650 calories, finally started tracking.
  • Friday 1/6 : 2,095 calories, had pizza and bread sticks.
  • Saturday 1/7 : 1,240 calories
  • Sunday 1/8 : 1,498 calories, had one slice of pizza and a breadstick for lunch.

As you can see, I really didn’t start to track the calories until Thursday. I did start using the Vega One and Slimfast for meal replacement on Monday. I just did not track calories.

By Thursday, I got onto groove and started to track using the My Fitness Pal app.

My total calorie intake for the known days I tracked was 6,483. The daily average : 1,620.75.  My goal is 1,610 calories a day. So, I was a little over but kind of close.

I don’t really track exercise calories. Maybe I should? But overall, it was a successful week for calorie counting.


I stepped onto the Max Trainer 4 times last week. And, I walked 4.25 miles around the neighborhood. So, it wasn’t a bad week to start with.

Non Scale Victory For The Week

For this week, I nominate my ‘outlook’.

For most, if not all, of 2016, I had a depressing outlook on life, one of despair and pessimism. Almost no hope. However, just after a week of controlled eating and exercise, things have begun to reverse. And that is good. I don’t want to be trapped in a world view of depressing despair and pessimism.

Actually, nothing has changed in my life. The events that lead up to the dark year of 2016 are still in place. Everything seemed beyond control. But, I seem to have gain some control through watching calories and exercising. Losing a few pounds have contributed to it as well. I need to remember this.

Random Photo

Sometimes, I like to include photos in a blog post. This photo pictures the 6′ x 4′ stretcher frame I built on Sunday, 1/8. The canvas underneath the frame is something I did in October 2016. The paint was provided in part by my son Alex and his wife Morgan. They wanted a painting for their new apartment.

The entire canvas was 20′ x 12′. The 6′ x 4′ frame take only small slice of the entirety. I cut up the remaining canvas into 3 other sections and will build frames later.


Stretcher frame on a painting from October 2016. Built the frame on 1/8/2017.

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