Friday, January 6

I wasn’t the best calorie counter yesterday, January 6, 2017. I maxed out at 2,095 calories for the day. And, no exercise. So it wasn’t my best of ‘eating less and moving more’. My calorie goal is about 1,610 calories a day.

On the bright side, the 2,095 calories was, in reality, is less than I would normally eat and drink on any given Friday. So, maybe I did fulfill the ‘eat less’ part of my motto.

However, I did have a beer. The first beer of 2017. And it was so good. I was faithful and  recorded it in the 2,095 calories. I was offered a New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale. One of my favorites. So, I consumed the 150 empty calories.

Thankfully, I limited my consumption to just one bottle. There were other New Glarus beers offered. Normally, I would drink 4-5 bottles in an evening. But, last night, thankfully, I stopped at one.

But, the Papa Johns Pizza and cheese sticks were heavy in calories. So, that is why I over spent the calories by 485.  Also watched the new Independence Day movie. It wasn’t that good.

Saturday, January 7

I’m surprised this is the 7th day of 2017. Hard to believe it’s been seven days already on the program. Hopefully, I will keep my eating in control and find some time to exercise.

This morning, my blood pressure was 134/94 with a resting heart rate of 70. That is lower than my typical average. Maybe this ‘eat less more more’ program is working. I hope so.

I know it’s been only a week since I’ve been ‘on program’. But, I haven’t really seen or felt any results from the seven-day effort. In spite of those feelings, and hopefully, on Monday morning, when I weigh-in, I will see a pound loss. Hopefully.

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