First Eating Challenge

So yesterday, Thursday January 5, 2017, I cam across my first ‘eating challenge’ of the year.

My breakfast and lunch were good. 200 calories from a slim fast shake for each meal. By the time dinner rolled around, I was 400 calories into the day and had 1,200 calories for dinner. Cool.

Family Night at O’Charley’s

Thursday nights are reserved for ‘family night’ in my household. Thursday nights are open so the kids, grandkids and others can come over to hang out, talk, share, eat. Usually, we go out to dinner somewhere. Our schedules can get supper complicated and sometime everyone shows up and sometime no one shows up.

Last night, only my son Alex and his wife Morgan came by. We decided to go to O’Charley’s for dinner since a coupon came in the mail that day.

I knew would order some sort of salad  but the menu did not have any that were obviously ‘weight loss’ friendly. So, I choose the Cobb Salad (without the tomatoes or avocados) with the blue cheese dressing on the side.

The menu did not show any calorie counts and I did not consult a calorie guide before I ordered. I just “hoped” that this “salad” would be less in calories than the greasy cheeseburger and fries I usually order.

The salad was good and I ate everything but the croutons.

Back at home, I looked up the calories in the O’Charley’s Cobb Salad on the My Fitness Pal app. Wow … about 1,130 calories. Wow!

I wasn’t really surprised but I would believe a “salad” would be less in calories, less than eleven hundred and thirty calories! Even with the huge impact it would have I faithfully added it to my count for the day.

I closed the day at 1,600 calories. Right on target. Thankfully, the 7½ minutes I spent on the Max Trainer gave 40 calories to offset the day’s total.  (Estimated calorie expenditure per the Max Trainer computer.) Otherwise, I would have exceeded my total calories for the day.

The Lunch Club

A few guys in the office and I usually go out to lunch on Fridays. We go somewhere to “eat bad” and talk about stuff at work, our families, our lives. With my renewed commitment to eating better I will need to be more aware of what is on the menu and how it impacts my 1,600 calories a day limit.

If the calories in the O’Charley’s Cobb salad is any indication of what restaurant calories are really like then I really need to on top of my choices instead of blindly ordering and eating.

I don’t want to exclude myself from the Lunch Club or Family nights. I enjoy and value those moments. But I think I can make wise calorie choices and still hang out with family and friends.

Happy Friday!


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