Takes Some Effort

Yesterday, Wednesday 1/4/2017, was a successful eating day. I kept my calories to 1,385. That is below my 1,600 calories a day goal. It was also a successful exercising day. I spent 7½ minutes on the Max Trainer and walked 1¼ miles around the neighborhood. I also did 10 pushups!


I spent more time planning, acquiring, cooking and eating last night’s dinner than I have probably spent planning all my meals from 2016. Most of my 2016 meals were a collection of pub food, beer, or fast food, or tater tots, frozen dinners, pizza, or something quick and easy for me. Usually, the meal was more beer than food.

But last night, I realized how much effort there is in planning something to eat that is somewhat appetizing and fits into the calories plan of the day.

It certainly is simpler and easier and faster to just tell the cute waitress what I want to drink and eat. How much effort is involved in turning on the oven and tossing in a frozen dinner or pizza. I learned I can order Papa Johns online and it magically arrives. Its just so easy.

Hopefully, those easy feeding days are over. Now, since I want to lose (at least) 46 pounds, I need to think more about what I eat, how many calories are involved and how that impacts the day’s calorie goal.

Dinner Execution

So last night, I bought a bag of frozen chicken tenders from Krogers. The nutritional info says 4 ounces of these chicken tenders has only 100 calories. That reduces to 25 calories per ounce.

Knowing that I can’t judge what an ounce of chicken tenders really is, I stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy a food scale. I figure it is money well spent.

At home, I weighed three of these frozen chicken tenders from Krogers. It came to be 11 ounces. So, these three frozen chicken tenders have 275 calories (11 ounces x 25 calories per ounce).

I also bought a Cobb salad from the same Krogers. It had 270 calories.

I also bought a can a french style green beans. The can offers 3½ servings at 20 calories per service. The entire can weighs in at 70 calories.

I cooked the chicken tenders in the George Forman grill. The chicken tenders was somewhat gross on their own so I added two slices of Kroger american cheese for 120 calories.

So, my evening meal was worth 745 calories. I watched you tube videos while I ate.

Evening Meal on January 5, 2017

My evening meal on January 5, 2017. It weighs in at 745 calories. Chicken tenders with cheese, salad and green beens.


2 thoughts on “Takes Some Effort

  1. Awesome, way to go!! I have to add a lot of seasoning to my chicken or it’s gross. I’ve recently invested in some quality pepper, sea salt, rosemary, garlic powder, thyme… you know, good stuff like that. Maybe that will help your chicken?

    I just got a food scale too! I’m so SHOCKED at what my food actually weighs! I had a potato yesterday that I would have guessed was about 8 ounces… it was 15! So I gave part of it to my roommate 🙂

    • I need to look into seasoning. Haven’t been much into it before but need to now since I’m taking more control in what I eat.

      In the past, I wanted my chicken breaded, deep fried, with cheese and mayo. But, those days are over!

      Thank you for commenting.

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