Back On the Max Trainer

I believe I had a successful eating day on January 3, 2017. I kept the calories to about 1,745, although my goal is 1,600 calories a day. I know I was over the goal so I probably didn’t lose much, if any, weight yesterday. But at least I made a commitment to keeping the calories on the down and low and actually was able to stick to it.

On the plus side, I was able to exercise. Can anyone believe that? I spent 5 minutes on the Max Trainer and I walked 1 mile outside around the neighborhood. It doesn’t sound like enough exercise for someone trying to lose weight but it was enough for me, especially since I am just starting out and don’t want to over do it or burn out too quickly.

This morning my blood was 128/94 with a resting pulse of 77. Wow. I haven’t seen a number like that in a very long time. Hopefully the few days of eating better and the one day of exercise is having an immediate and positive effect.

The Max Trainer

As I was on the Max Trainer, I became aware that I really like the climbing aspect to the Trainer. That thought prompted a memory of my 2015 summer trip to Colorado. During that trip, I hiked along the Gore Creek and Cross Creek. Those hikes were pretty much level and at the time I was not in the best of fitness but I was able to enjoy those hikes. I attempted the 2.5 mile Whitney Lake trail but it kicked my ass. I only made it about ¾ of the way to the lake before I turned around. I like to blame the deep snow pack for my inability to make it to the lake but in reality it was due to my lack of fitness.

When I returned home I determined to reverse my lack of fitness. I started to eat better and move more and I was faithful until early 2016.

I bought the Max Trainer in October 2014, shortly after the divorce was final. It was my first ‘big’ purchase after the divorce.

Although the divorce was amiable it did shatter much of my hope for the future. I believed the Max Trainer became a symbol of renewal and new life for me.

However, due to other events that occurred shortly after the divorce, I lost much, if not all interest in life and living life to its fullest. By early 2016, I lost all interest in every aspect of fitness and cared more about craft beer and drinking into oblivion than I did about life or fitness.

Hopefully that is in the past now. My renewed hope in eating better, losing weight and gaining fitness is strong right now and hopefully it will stay strong for a long time. And, hopefully, the Max Trainer will be a solid part of this renewal.

Bow Flex Max Trainer

Bow Flex Max Trainer. Bought in October 2015. Great workout device.

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