Day Three

This morning, my blood pressure was 136/101 with a resting pulse of 77.

That is good … considering the last reading was about 140/110 with a resting pulse over 80.

Hopefully this is a good sign, being I’m only on the third day of my 2017 renewal of eating less and moving more.

And, the effort has only focused on the eating side of the equation since I’ve been down with the flu for the last five days so I have not had an opportunity to exercise.


Last night, in my effort to eat more protein for dinner, I had a hamburger patty with a single slice of cheese. I had four. No bun, no lettuce, no fries, no tater tots, no chips, no ketchup, no mustard or mayonnaise. If I was on the Atkins diet, it would have been the perfect choice as the carb content was low. But the calories were probably too high although I do not recall the actual caloric content at this moment.

It was an easy dinner to make. It was good enough for me. Simple, quick, efficient. Had I felt better, I could have done other productive activities afterwards but instead I laid down and read a book.


I was pleasantly surprised at the 199.8 pound weigh-in on Monday, January 2, 2017.

I had expected and anticipated more. A lot more. At least over 225 pounds. I was very happy to stay below the 200 pound mark, if only .2 pounds under. And only 45.8 pounds from the magical goal weight of 154, the weight at which the world changes for the better and everything magically morphs into something majestic. So, with only 45.8 pounds from goal, if I lose a pound a week, then I have 46 weeks of effort before me. So sometime in late November 2017 I will be at the goal weight. Yay!

I’m certain there is some pessimism in the above paragraph. It could be expected as I’ve been here before, excited at the prospect of a new life with weight loss. I’ve been at this point many times in my 54 years.

So, what is different about this time?

I would say the difference is … ‘length’.

For this effort I am not focused on losing the weight as quickly as I can. I am not going to exercise every available moment to shed the pounds as fast a possible. I’m not going to start an Insanity workout in the morning.

I do want to move more. In fact, that is part of my ‘motto’ for 2017 … ‘more more … eat less’. So, I will move more.

But, I don’t want to burn out too early like I have in almost every ‘weight loss – eat better – get healthy’ effort I’ve started. I want this effort to last into 2018 and beyond. So, I’m going to take it slow.

Yet, I do have some objectives, some goals in regards to exercising.

  • take more walks in the evening instead of watching you tube.
  • start a new C25K program
  • get back on the Bow Flex Max Trainer
  • hike more on the weekends
  • get back to Planet Fitness

This seems like a good list, something I can do.

So hopefully, 2017 will be my renewal year.

Photos …

Another minor goal of 2017 is to take more photos. To take more photos with the iPhone or the Nikon. These will be random photos. Probably, most likely, not related to the primary content of the blog post but just a photo. Anyways, here’s today’s photo.


Harem Girl (The Finishing Touch), 1890 by Oliver Denett Grover.


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