Hello 2017

2017 has started on a sour note.

On Wednesday evening 12/28 I stood outside for about 90 minutes in the cold rain to take photos for a private event in downtown Indianapolis. It was a volunteer gig and the photos turned out ok. But, it was cold and rainy. On Thursday morning, 12/29, I started to feel a cold or a flu coming on. By Thursday evening at 6:00 pm, I was in bed with fever and chills.

With few exceptions, I’ve spent the last 4 days in bed.

One the few times I wasn’t in bed over the last four days was on Friday 12/30 morning. I dashed out to the local GNC to buy a tub of this Vega One nutritional shake mix. I want to start substituting breakfast and lunch with some kind of meal replacement shake in 2017. GNC is only a few blocks from the house so it wasn’t a bad trip, considering the flu was in full force at that time. In my flu induced delirium, I thought that if I don’t get the shake mix as soon as possible, I may not be able to start on January 1 with the nutritional shakes. And it was important to start with the shakes on New Years Day.

My Hope for 2017

In regards to physical health, 2016 wasn’t not my best year. It was full of over eating, drinking more and more beer and lack of exercise. My blood pressure is too high. I’m too fat. My resting pulse is into the 80’s. I’m certain my triglycerides are off-the-chart.

My hope for 2017 is to turn around my eating, drinking and exercising habits. I figure since I’m 54 years old I don’t have too many years left to turn it around so I should start now and try my best to succeed.

So, one of my objectives is to replace breakfast and lunch with a nutritional shake. Hence, the necessary dash the GNC to buy the tub of Vega One.

Typically, breakfast is a cup of tomato juice. Lunch is usually a double cheese burger, chicken sandwich and a medium order of fries. So, if I can substitute the shakes for breakfast and lunch maybe my eating habits will turn around.

And of course, I plan to cut out all the chips, beers, bread, mac and cheese, tacos, cheese fries, pizza and all the other crap that I’ve been mindlessly eating in 2016.

And, hopefully, I can carry this effort on for the next 46 weeks.

My goal is to lose a pound a week. To make it to the 154 goal I need to lose 46 pounds. At 155 pounds, for my height and gender, I will become a normal BMI. At my current weight of 199.8, my BMI is 32.3. And, at a 32.3 BMI I am considered obese. At 154, my BMI will be 24.9 and I will be normal.

Of course, I will add exercising to the mix. But, with this flu, I haven’t had much energy to do much of anything except lay in bed. I plan to get on the Bow Flex Max Trainer each morning for five minutes. Hopefully, I can build up from there. Hopefully I can get back into running, but will start with some serious walking.

Calorie Counting?

Why not.

Years ago, I was successful at losing a few pounds counting calories. So, I figure I can do the same this year. It seem simple enough for me.

Plus, my doctor says that I need to keep my sodium intake to less than 1,500 mg. And, unless I read the nutritional information on the foods I eat, how will I know what I’m eating.

So, my plan is to keep my daily calorie intake between 1,500 – 1,600 a day.

I Really Need to Do Something

I really do. I’m tired of being so lethargic in body and mind, spirit and soul. I’m tired of having zero hope for the future and berating myself for my past sins, failures and flaws.

Hopefully, losing weight and changing my eating habits will change some things.

So, hopefully, 2017, although starting on a sour note, will be a renewal year. Hopefully I will lose the weight, gain some sense of physical renewal, change some attitudes and some behaviors.





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