Trying To Climb Out

I’ve been in a deep funk as of late. It’s deep, depressing and dark.

It really started before the holidays, as I dread the holidays and all the imposed obligations and expectations I have a hard time measuring up to. The ownership change at work hasn’t helped either. As a result, I’ve been over eating like there is no tomorrow and I’m back to my heavy drinking.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I could hardly concentrate at work, the code on the screen was blurry and melted together. I’m surprised the company’s web site is still working! I need to do something to get out of this funk as it is beginning to accept life in general.

The good news is that I have a plan to get out of this funk.

First … I renewed my membership at the local Planet Fitness. And I say renewed, but honestly, I really paid up the membership so I could get back on their treadmills and work out.

My last run was on Friday, January 8. I ran less than 3 miles. It was dark and cold outside. I had no energy. I had no motivation. I couldn’t even finish 3 miles. I was tired of the dark and the cold. I was tired that I couldn’t see where I was running and what I was running on.

I have thought of buying a treadmill. I see it as a way to be able to run indoors when it’s dark and cold outside. And now that winter has finally set in with 4 degree temperatures and snow and ice on the roads, a treadmill is a good option. Otherwise, I really couldn’t run outdoors. I guess I could if I was a real runner but the snow and ice and cold are barriers that can stop me from running outside.

My chosen treadmill would cost $1,500 from an online store. While the cost isn’t a real issue for me as I believed it to be an ‘investment’ and I know that I would use it for a long time. However, the cash isn’t readily available for a purchase as I need to take care of some other pressing issues that require the cash.

So, instead of buying a new treadmill for my own personal use, I thought I would get back my membership at Planet Fitness and ‘rent’ their treadmills and other fitness equipment. It seem like a practical idea since I can’t buy a new treadmill for myself and take care of these other pressing issues. I can do one or the other but not both. There just isn’t enough cash to do both.

I had let the credit card  expire that Planet Fitness charges the membership to. I thought the membership would then automatically expired as well.

Nope. I was still responsible for those monthly charges plus late fees and service charges. The total was $139. Ouch! Thankfully, the assistant manager waived some late fees and service charges to bring the total down to $89. I paid that with a credit card that hasn’t expired. They will draft the monthly fees straight from my checking account.

So, this morning I had my first Planet Fitness workout with my new membership. I ran 4 miles on their treadmill. It was a slow run. My average pace was about 10 minutes per mile. It was a very comfortable run, warm and it wasn’t dark.

Second … I renewed my subscription to offers tutorials on almost every geeky topic. And since I work as a media developer, their tutorials on photoshop, photography and web development can be really helpful. I feel stagnate on my  skills and want to keep them sharp and fresh. So, I’m working through a photoshop course right now and plan to work through other tutorials as well. I need to keep my skills sharp incase the new owners have different plans for me.

Well, that is about it on my efforts to climb out of this funk. The PF workout this morning has perked me up somewhat. Maybe things are not as dark and hopeless as I was believing just a few days ago.

Hope everyone has a great day!


1 thought on “Trying To Climb Out

  1. Good job on taking the steps! I have debated a gym membership so that I don’t have to run when it’s cold… but alas, I don’t run long enough to justify it :/ If by this time next year I’m a longer distance runner, well then I might consider it! 🙂

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