After Christmas Long Run

I was motivated by a you tube video to get out and run.

I was watching a video produced by Chris & G Travels. This you tube channel follows the RV living and travel of this couple. I enjoy watching their channel as I can live vicariously through them. And other people who produce you tube channels of their van dwelling and RV living adventures.

Anyways, Chris and G were traveling through a town in British Columbia in their Monaco Class A and they decided to stop and run. They wanted to get in a 5 mile run around this scenic mountain lake.

How cool. Driving through mountain town and found a scenic mountain lake to run around. What a way to live.

So, still under the covers, still in bed, still a little hung over from Christmas dinner and drink, I thought I should get my fat slug ass out of bed and get in a run of my own. If Chris and G can do it around a scenic mountain lake in British Columbia, then I could do it around the neighborhood.

I wasn’t able to get in a long run on Friday since it was the Christmas holiday and there was too much holiday to get in for the day. I prefer long runs on Friday evenings but since that wasn’t possible I decided Saturday was the next best day.

So, this morning was my long run. A quiet Saturday morning, chilly with grey overcast and slight rain. My goal was 5.5 miles of straight running with 3 sets of intervals of 5 minute runs and 2 minute walks.

The reality was that I did 6 miles of straight running and then 3 sets of intervals. Yay! The total mileage was 7.87 for total time was 1:20:04 and for an average pace of 10:10.

My splits were :

  • 1 mile : 9:40
  • 2 Mile : 9:45
  • 3 Mile : 9:52
  • 4 Mile : 9:52
  • 5 Mile : 9:50
  • 6 Mile : 9:46
  • 7 Mile : 11:33

My fastest mile was the first one. I slowed down for the next four miles and finished strong with a 9:46 mile for the sixth. Not too bad for a holiday wasted slug.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and a great run.

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