5 Miles On a Bad Attitude

It’s hard to believe the warmth this December. It was in the high 50’s when I stepped into the darkness to run a few miles. My plan was to run 4 miles. I was slow, averaging about 10:12 per mile. At the end of the four miles I thought I had enough energy to get in another mile for five total miles. It was a good run.

I’m glad the Winter Solstice passed over on Monday 12/21. That means that evening daylight will increase. Maybe soon I could take an evening run in daylight instead of darkness.

I haven’t had the best of attitudes this Christmas season. Not sure what is causing it. My guess is that it has many contributing factors … ownership change at the company I work for, not being married anymore, overeating, over drinking, wondering if my ladder has been on the wrong wall for all of my working career (kudos to Steven Covey for that meme) … maybe so. I don’t know.

It’s not depression. I know what depression is. Been in the depths of that before, many times. This holiday bum is just bad attitude. Whereas I should have a better attitude because I am blessed in so many ways. I’m just stuck in this bad attitude.

I have notice that this BA has given me a mouth. As, I’m not too hesitant to filter stuff coming out of my mouth. Whereas in the past I was. And, I will be in the near future once this BA fades and I return to my normal subdued self.

But anyways, I carried the BA with me as I started my run. Thankfully, the runner’s high come into play and by the time the five miles ended, the BA had faded to stage left. Or stage right. And the rest of the evening was pleasant.

But, the BA is back in full force this morning. Thankfully it is the final day of the work week for me. Then, a long weekend. Yay!

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