Sunday Lists

I’m in a list making mood today.

Things I did yesterday :

  • Watched van dwelling and full-time RV living you tube videos
  • Went Christmas shopping
  • Wrapped Christmas presents
  • Went Grocery shopping
  • Drank beer at Sun King Brewery
  • Went to church with my ex-wife and her friend
  • Went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant

Things I did yesterday but shouldn’t have done :

  • Watched too many van dwelling and RV living you tube videos when I should have been doing something more productive
  • Drank too much beer at the Sun King Brewery
  • Drank too much beer at the Mexican restaurant
  • Ate too many Reese’s mini peanut butter cups
  • Did I say … drank too much beer

Things I need to do today :

  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Finish Christmas present wrapping
  • Need to drop a Christmas card in the mail
  • Need to pay bills and mail them so the lights and heat can stay on

Things I have already done today :

  • Ran 6.01 miles in 1:00:51 for an average pace of 10:07. I ran 4 miles straight and did 3 sets of 2/5 intervals.
  • Took a shower
  • Wrapped some more Christmas presents

What I would like to do if I get all the Christmas things done today :

  • Go to the Indianapolis Art Museum

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!



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