Friday Night Long Run

I was anxious to get home after work. It was the last full work week of 2015. The week ended on a good note and so I was pumped to get home and get in my long run for the week.

It was about 6:00pm when I started. I was already dark and cold. My goal was to run 5.25 miles straight without walking for those miles. After than, I would do 3 sets of 2 minute walking and 5 minute running intervals.

So, the 5.25 miles went quickly. I averaged a 10:00 minute pace for those miles. I felt strong enough so I thought I would squeeze in another .25 miles to make an even 5.5 miles.

The walk-run intervals went ok. Although I was growing fatigued by the end of the final interval and was happy to complete my long run for the week!

  • Total Distance : 7.51 miles
  • Total Time : 1:17:28
  • Average Pace : 10:18


  • 1 mile : 10:05
  • 2 mile : 9:59
  • 3 mile : 10:08
  • 4 mile : 9:46
  • 5 mile : 9:59
  • 6 mile : 10:38
  • 7 mile : 11:32

I wasn’t really hurting when I finished. However, my right Achilles tendon was talking to me later in the evening. So, maybe, I went too long. But, now (the day after), the tendon is peaceful and quiet.

I’m still feeling ‘thinner’ in spite of my weight gain from Thursday (12/17). I wrestled with some slight depression over the weight gain and so found some solace in slight over eating. But, the 7.5 mile run knocked in my depression out and I found a runner’s high. So cool.

Happy weekend !!


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