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Yay. I am down 1.4 pounds from last week.

Usually, for me, after a weight loss from the previous week there is a gain the next week. This week, however, there is a loss. Yay. Double Yay.

It feels great to lose some weight. My BMI is 27.8. I’m in the middle of the overweight range. I still have 2.9 points to go before I’m at the top edge of the normal range. I still have 17.1 pounds to lose before I get to my goal weight of 155.

My eating was a little heavy. My daughter works at Dunkin Donuts between classes and so she brings home left over donuts. I ate several over the weekend. And, I had a few beers over the weekend too. But, I’ve continued with the protein shakes for lunch. And, my daughter cooked up some chicken one night this week. Maybe the added protein is working on the fat loss. Maybe? My usual thinking that is the less calories eaten the more weight was lost. But, I’ve eaten more calories in the past two weeks and lost weight. Strange.

I’m flirting with the 4th belt notch. Not quite there but can comfortably squeeze to the 4th. Maybe by the New Year’s I’ll it will be the ‘standard’ notch.

My running was great this week. I ran 17.5 miles over the week. It was four episodes of running. My longest run was on Friday 12/4 at 6.72 miles. In that session I ran 5 miles straight with no walking and added a few walk-run intervals after the 5 miles to total 6.72 miles. One of my unspoken goals was to run 5 miles straight without walking at least once during December.

I can keep my 25 pound trophy on display this week. Every time I look at it I am encouraged to continue exercising, eating better and losing weight. I know it’s silly but it works for me. Since it’s a 25 iron dumbbell (I’ll post a photo soon), when I pick it up I’m amazed at how heavy 25 pounds actually is. And, I had that weight on my body. Wow!

I’ve been at this effort was 24 weeks now. It’s starting to become normal. That is to watch what I eat, try to eat less and exercise. My average weight loss is about 1.2 pounds a week. That is on the lower end of my 1 – 2 pounds a week goal. But, I’m happy with this average.

Last Saturday (15/5) my parents assembled the entire family for portrait photos. I’ve always dreaded the family portrait because I’m never at a good weight and always look fat and bloated. However, this time, I felt comfortable in my weight. Even though I wished I was thinner this family portrait experience wasn’t that bad. (Although, I did miss my ex-wife).

Hope everyone has a great week! Cheers.

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