Three Runs

I am behind in my updates and have three runs to list. Hopefully I will keep up on the updates as I find it does help with my motivation to keep going and not give up.

Friday, 12/4. Since I’m the party animal, I thought I would get in a run before the party started. And, since my Saturday was full, I thought I would get in a ‘long run’.  I went out just after work, after dark. Kind of chilly but little to no wind. My goal was to run 4.75 miles straight without walking. I was able to squeeze in 5 miles without walking. Then, I started walk – run intervals for another 1.72 miles. I had downloaded this interval timer app and used it to walk/run 3 sets of 2 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of running. By the time I finished the third set of intervals, I was wiped out. It was a great run but I honestly did too much on this occasion.

Total distance : 6.72 miles. Total time : 1:09:35. Average pace :10:21.


  • 1 : 10:09
  • 2 : 9:46
  • 3 : 9:43
  • 4 : 9:41
  • 5 : 10:03
  • 6 : 11:37

To extrude my average pace on this long run to the marathon distance, I would finish the 26.2 miles in about 4 hours and thirty minutes. Not too bad, if I could keep the pace over the 26.2 miles.

Sunday, 12/6. Wow. What a beautiful day. Unseasonable warmth for early December. It was about 12:15 when I went out. Incredible sun shine and warmth. I couldn’t get over it for early December. The months of December, January, February and March are always bleak months for me so I was happy to be outside in the warmth and sun instead of the gray cold overcast. After the run, I decided to stay outdoors and work on some general yard clean up.

Total distance : 3.27 miles. total time : 32:00. Average pace : 9:46.

Splits :

  • 1 : 9:51
  • 2 : 9:46
  • 3 : 9:39

Monday, 12/7. I was pressed for time this evening. Left work a little late. I had an appointment at 7:00pm. But, I also wanted to get in a run. So, I hurried to get prepared and get outside to start. I started at 6:00pm, in the dark but with some warmth in the air. My goal was 3.5 miles. I was able to get in the 3.5 miles but it was a slow slog. For some reason I didn’t have much, if any energy. I felt rushed and hurried. Feeling that way it would seem that I would run faster but I was running slow, which added to my frustration. I could seem to get any kind of speed. My legs were tired and my feet hurt. It wasn’t my best run. I did make it to the appointment but I was a few minutes late.

Total distance : 3.56 miles. Total time : 36:27. Average pace : 10:14.

Splits :

  • 1 : 9:59
  • 2 : 10:10
  • 3 : 10:14


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