Monday Run

I was eager to start my Monday evening run. My work day wasn’t the most productive so I was looking for a way to “feel” a bit productive. Running a few miles gives me that feeling. Although, I should be productive at work. Monday was just a Monday.

I intended to go for 3.5 miles. But, I ended up with 3.84 miles. Not bad. My time was 38:00 for an average pace of 9:53.

The splits were :

  • 1 mile : 10:00
  • 2 mile : 9:51
  • 3 mile : 9:54

My right hamstring was talking to me after I passed the third mile mark. But, for ego, I keep the pace up. I need to (maybe) slow down a bit to starve off an injury. I’ve pushed my pace a little faster than I had anticipated it would be at this point. I thought I would have been in the 10:30-ish range at this stage in my training instead of below 10:00. So, I probably am pushing it harder than I should. Tonight, I’ll try to slow down a bit.

My new ‘roommates’ cooked chicken and potatoes with salad for dinner last night and shared some with me. Wow. A great meal. Much better than the soup I was planning to heat and serve for myself. This new living arrangement is going to be great. It’s nice to have other people in the house instead of myself.

Just for full disclosure … my new roommates are my daughter and her boyfriend. She is a junior in college studying Elementary Education. He is a driver for Fed Ex. Besides going to school full-time, she works full-time at a Dunkin Donuts. They are in between living spaces right now so it was a good fit to move in for a while.

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