Turkey Trot Result Analysis

I was a little disappointment when I looked up my time and result for the 2016 Henry  County Turkey Trot. The results listed me at 31:05.7 for a pace of 10:02.

However, the Nike+ App has my result at 30:08 for a pace of 9:43.

American Multi Sport timed the race on Gun Time and not Chip Time. Nor was there any starting corrals since there was only 200 or so runners and walkers at the race. And since it’s my policy to place myself near nor at the back of the starting pack, it took a minute or so to get to the starting line and start running. So, that is the discrepancy between the Nike+ app time and the AMS time. I started the app as I approached the start line.

The AMS results had me in 62nd place out of the 208 5K runners. I placed third in my Male 50-54 age group. The first place finisher in my age group ran a 7:20 pace for the 5K. And, he is older! Wow! There were 5 people in my age group. The lead runner (not in my age group) in the 5K covered the distance in 18:19.7 for a pace of 5:55. Extreme Wow!

Of course, I prefer the Nike+ app result over the AMS result as it is a bigger ego stroke for me. A 9:43 pace compared to a 10:02. However, I’m happy with the ‘official’ 10:02 pace. When I started the C25K program for the second time in late August 2015, I could hardly push through the first week’s workouts. I would have never believe I could run a 10:02 mile eight weeks later.

On Sunday, 11/29, there was a sunny and relatively warm break in the cold and rainy weekend weather. So, I found my running shoes and went out for a ‘long run’. I couldn’t run on Saturday, so I was thankful for the weather break to get in a run.

My total distance for the long run was 5.26 miles. I covered the distance in 55.35 for an average pace of 10:11. I ran the first 4.25 miles straight, without stopping. I took two walking breaks in the last mile. I gained 243 feet in elevation and consumed 666 calories.

My spilt times :

  • 1 mile : 9:51
  • 2 mile : 9:43
  • 3 mile : 9:42
  • 4 mile :10:03
  • 5 mile :11:31

After the fourth mile, my pace really declined as that is when I took the walking breaks. Although, I could feel the growing fatigue late in the third mile. However, the average pace was good enough to net a 4:26:00 marathon finished, if my stats are extruded over 26.2 miles.

Tonight, I plan to do at least 3.5 miles. Of course, I’ll be running in the dark and possibly in the rain. I’ve been thinking about renewing my membership to Planet Fitness so I can use their treadmills during adverse weather. I may even buy a membership to the National Institute of Sport and Fitness in downtown Indianapolis and run on their indoor track.


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